Stefanos Poulimenos: Basic principles for waste management

Stefanos Poulimenos: Basic principles for waste management

CORFU. The team of the municipal movement "Exarhis - Force of Responsibility and Creativity" has been holding thematic meetings on waste management, tourism, environment, and culture.

Μαρτίου / 2023

The team of the municipal movement "Exarhis - Force of Responsibility and Creativity" has been holding thematic meetings on waste management, tourism, environment, and culture. These meetings aim to formulate the basic principles of Stefanos Poulimenos' programme as a mayoral candidate.

According to the statement from Stefanos Poulimenos:

Waste management was the topic of the second productive and fruitful meeting on March 15th. The meeting had 15 members of the "Exarhis - Force of Responsibility and Creativity" alliance as well as external collaborators.

Under the chairmanship of mayoral candidate Stefanos Poulimenos, the participants presented their opinions after a presentation of the current situation. They shared their views on the following points:

- The need to turn the page on waste management, which is crucial for the well-being of the area and to restore citizens' trust in the municipality.

- A thorough reorganisation of the municipal cleaning service and the enhancement of the workers' role in it, within the framework of our central choice for waste management in accordance with the National Plan.

- The preservation of the municipal character of the cleaning service. This will be achieved by relying on the municipality's staff and extra personnel at peak periods, and, where necessary, collaborating with private individuals.

- The modernisation of the vehicle depot and workshop.

- Additional cleaning service equipment through funding from European programmes.

- The need to promote and implement an extensive programme for sorting at source and the separation of organic waste in order to significantly reduce the volume and cost of waste transportation outside Corfu.

- To activate and support municipal communities, cultural organisations and volunteer groups in promoting sorting at source and cleanliness everywhere.

- The need for the municipality to collaborate with major waste producers, such as hotels and restaurants.

- The regular publication of progress statistics to inform the public and stakeholders about the progress of the programme.

- The approval of a new sanitation regulations, including the creation and operation of a control service to ensure its implementation.

- The strengthening of the collection and management of bulky materials, such as excavation and construction waste, in collaboration with collective management systems.

- The improvement of cleanliness in public spaces in the town and the countryside to upgrade the natural and built environment and enhance the quality of life of the residents.

Waste management is a major issue in our life and will be high on the Municipality's list of priorities.

Meeting on Tourism and the Environment

A first meeting was held last week by a group of 12 members of the independent Municipal Movement "Exarhis - Force of Responsibility and Creativity" on the topic of "Tourism and Environment". The participants, under the chairmanship of the candidate Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos, expressed their views on the following issues:

- Sustainable tourism development in a sustainable tourist destination.

- The parameter of environmental protection and compliance with environmental conditions in various activities.

- Tourism investments in compliance with the carrying capacity of the island.

- The possibilities for exploiting the non-touristic interior of the island.

- Short-term rentals (such as AirBnB) and their effects.

- The need for spatial and urban planning.

- Improvement in the image of the town's entry points.

- The restoration of building facades in the historic centre of the town and traditional communities, among others.

The issue of tourism will be discussed again in relation to traffic conditions, accessibility, and cultural events in the area.


In addition, another working group will hold a meeting next week on the topic of Municipal Culture and Building Infrastructure.