Corfu Owners Association sends letter to Prime Minister protesting against Erimitis investment

Corfu Owners Association sends letter to Prime Minister protesting against Erimitis investment

CORFU. Members of Corfu Owners Association (mainly British) have sent a letter to Mr. Mitsotakis asking him to stop the NCH Capital investment in Erimitis.

Οκτωβρίου / 2019

Corfu property owners (mainly British) have written a letter to express their opposition to the NCH Capital investment in Erimitis.

Corfu Owners Association was set up last year and numbers approximately 200 members, who have invested a total of over 100 million Euros. The Association published its letter regarding the investment in Erimitis which, it states, "..will desecrate a wonderful area, damage the local economy and harm the long-term prosperity on Northeast Corfu".

The letter, signed by Association Chairman Johnny Cameron, was sent to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

"Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I am writing to you as Chairman of Corfu Owners Association with regard to the proposed investment of NCH Capital in Erimitis, North Corfu.

The association was set up last year to represent individuals who have a second home in Corfu. Today there are approximately 200 members, who have invested over 100 million Euros in Corfu. Given that they invite friends and rent out their properties, they bring thousands of visitors who spend a large amount of money every year, many of whom have a great deal of influence in the UK and elsewhere.

Every year the owners and their guests give a lot of money to the local economy spending on construction and restoration work as well as at tavernas, restaurants and shops.

As can be seen on our website ( our aims are:

- To protect the ecology and environment of Corfu.
- To maintain close relations with the Authorities and local representatives.
- To keep members informed regarding any issues that might affect them.
- To lobby for change where appropriate.
- To assist and, if appropriate, support financially, any relevant local initiatives, particularly regarding waste management and recycling.

The vast majority of our members have homes in Northeast Corfu, near to Kassiopi and Agios Stefanos. Consequently, they and their friends and guests are greatly concerned about NCH Capital's possible investment in Erimitis.

As you know, Erimitis belongs to the Greek State and there are no houses in this beautiful, large peninsula. It is thus a wonderful oasis of green woodland on the Corfu coast which is elsewhere full of houses and villages.

Erimitis as it is today is one of the main attractions in North Corfu and draws a significant number of tourists.

The previous Government sold it as an investment for a hotel, villas and apartments and gave planning permission for a densely built-up area without previously carrying out a proper study or getting the views of the local residents.

The proposed investment is clearly detrimental to the current environment. The majority of local Corfiots are vehemently opposed as they know that for the whole of Corfu, and especially this part of the island, the best strategy for long-term economic prosperity is to upgrade the quality of tourism - NOT to increase the numbers of tourists.

The Association's members have contributed and continue to contribute a lot to the local economy. The NCH investment will not do this - builders, for example, will not be locals and visitors will spend most of their time at the resort property.

The specific design of the hotel with its villas and apartments will have a completely different character and will destroy the value of the area for its neighbours.

There will be unbearable pressure on local services such as waste management, roads and water supply - which already have problems.

The construction phase alone, which will have a long duration, will create disruption, noise and damage. Access to the area is only possible via narrow local roads.

You will be aware of the increase in global concern about the environment and the 'climate crisis'. The development of a hotel, as proposed, in this virgin, historical ecosystem with its impact on fauna, the sea and the natural forest will be an outrage for all those who care about the environment. It is only natural to expect widespread disappointment from friends of Greece around the world.

Mr. Prime Minister,

Our members love Corfu and love Greece.

This proposed investment will desecrate a wonderful area, damage the local economy and harm the long-term prosperity on Northeast Corfu

We hope that your Government will overturn the decision of your predecessors and prevent any other similar investment.

It is an opportunity to amend the planning permission to allow only a much smaller, higher quality investment which will be friendly to the environment and the local area. If this is done properly, and there is an investment that is truly friendly to the envornment and of a high level of quality then you will create international respect and prestige for Greece.

I hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity."

Yours Sincerely

Johnny Cameron

Chairman, Corfu Owners Association