Government ministries press for Lefkimmi landfill facility to be used

Government ministries press for Lefkimmi landfill facility to be used

Temploni landfill

CORFU. Government ministries, led by the Ministry for the Environment, are pressing for the immediate implementation of the Regional Waste Management Plan (PESDA).

Μαΐου / 2018

This came out in weekend telephone conversations with Corfu Municipality and the Regional Administration. PESDA has determined that until there is a final solution to the problem - with the construction of a proper facility at Temploni - as an intermediate measure, refuse baling should be carried out at the Lefkimmi facility and the waste bales should be transferred there.

It seems that Temploni residents have moderated their original position and, from what was said at their meeting outside the landfill facility on Saturday, they are in favour of the operation of the baling facility and collection of recyclable materials, as long as refuse isn’t dumped at the overfull unit in the landfill. In any case, according to Cleansing Services (SYDISA) Vice President Spyros Koronakis, the promised reconstruction of the three units is due to begin and they have already received the plans.

The sticking point in the Regional Waste Management Plan (PESDA) is the mass opposition of the residents to the operation of the Lefkimmi facility. Due to the emergency conditions, the Ministry for the Environment has said that it is acceptable for the facility to be used immediately in its present condition – even before the reconstruction of the peripheral buildings that were completely destroyed in the recent arson attack.

What is now required is an answer to the question – who is going to be responsible for the operation?

The time frame is now a matter of days, not months, as was once the case. The local authority’s immediate concern is for the baling facility to start operating again, with all that entails – renewal of the contract with the operator and the necessary repair work to the equipment. The next step is to empty the facility of the 10,000 or so waste bales that are stacked up there and transfer them to Lefkimmi, which will be quickly licensed - even if temporarily - until the destroyed buildings are reconstructed.