Tour of Corfu monuments with innovative hologram app

Tour of Corfu monuments with innovative hologram app

CORFU. Innovative app by the Ionian University with holograms of monuments - Digital Tour Guide using Augmented Reality and Holograms.

Φεβρουαρίου / 2023

An innovative app by the Interactive Arts Research Laboratory ( of the Ionian University Department of Audio & Visual Arts, with the Assistant Professor Ioannis Deligiannis as Scientific Manager of the project, in collaboration with the Corfu Inspectorate of Antiquities.
An innovative tool for Corfu Old Town monument users is being designed and implemented, which will provide useful and reliable information, accompanied by high quality audiovisual material for more than 80 points of interest in the town.

The Digital Tour Guide using Augmented Reality and Holograms was presented yesterday afternoon at the Municipal Theatre by Mr. Deligiannis, where the Central Corfu Municipality received the project. Present were the Mayor Meropi Ydraiou, the Ionian University Dean Andreas Floros, the Deputy Mayors Panayiota Tzanne and Panayiotis Varouchas, as well as members of the university community.
As Meropi Ydraiou explained, the project started by the former Regional Governor Galiatsatos and was supported by the former Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos. The project is funded by the Operational Programme "Ionian Islands 2014-2020".
Not always visible
The narrative combined with the use of new technological tools, such as holographic modelling and projection of the content, use of 360˚ video, use of the geographic information system, connection of all the points through thematic routes and extensive accessibility features provided, highlight the important details and elements that make up the monument, which are often not directly visible and accessible.
For the first time, users will be able to identify the elements that make up the UNESCO monument in Corfu Old Town and explore hidden aspects that are often not visible, even when the visitors are right next to it.
Use in tourism and historical research
The app has been designed taking into account the needs of important user groups, such as:
- Tourist guides working at the monument, providing them with advanced features they can use with the visitors.
- Hotel owners and tourism businesses that can use it as a tool to present the monument and its special features.
- Study, maintenance and promotion bodies which now have a new mapping tool available.
- Local authorities (municipalities, regions, etc.), which through the use of usage data, it can identify problems of accessibility to the monument.
At the entrances of the town
This innovative app will be available free of charge for the next 10 years to all user groups (visitors, students, pupils, teachers, researchers, tourism professionals, local authorities, etc.), contributing to the preservation and promotion of our island's cultural heritage.
The holographic pyramid display projector is used for the projection of the project, while visitors can access its information system through their mobile phones. The development team's goal is to place the pyramids at the entrances of the town. One has already been installed at OLKE.

Individual presentation elements used to complement the visitor's experience of accessing and understanding the monument include the use of 360o aerial video and the use of augmented reality technologies. Use the QR code below to directly access one of the videos that are currently under development or watch the video here.