Ionian University wants free self tests and EODY mobile unit

Ionian University wants free self tests and EODY mobile unit

CORFU. Decision from the University Board regarding dealing with Covid cases.

Ιανουαρίου / 2022

The Ionian University Board met on 7 January and has updated its Covid-19 protocols for the current academic year, taking into account the latest developments in the pandemic. If there are new guidelines and decisions from the authorities, the board will tale them into account and adapt the protocols if necessary.

The University Board also decided unanimously that, based on the latest developments in the pandemic and in order to provide the greatest possible protection for all at the university, the following are immediately required from the Ministry of Education:

1. Free self tests must be made available for at least the vaccinated students and teaching and administrative staff twice a week.

2. The requirement of certificate checks before admission to classes to be extended beyond 31 March and supplementary funding to be made available for this.

The board also decided to again send a written request to EODY for mobile units to conduct regular rapid tests on members of the academic community at the university's facilities on all the islands, including student halls of residence in Corfu Town as part of the university's approved protocol.