Erimitis Plus:"Didn΄t the Antiquities Inspectorate notice that they destroyed the Venetian path in Erimitis?"

Erimitis Plus:

CORFU. "What does this tolerance mean? Why is no action being taken and, beyond the legality, why so much silence?"

Μαρτίου / 2021

"Inspect what they're doing right now - enough is enough!" says Erimitis Plus in its statement. The Association asks the Director of the Inspectorate of Antiquities: "Did you not notice anything, Ms Rigakou? Nothing? They destroyed the Venetian path which is directly connected with the one time Kastelli di Guardia (monument of traditional folk architecture), is included in a 1773 map and is used continuously - or was used, rather, until a few days ago when a bulldozer made it impassable.

When is this scandalous tolerance for the neo-colonial behaviour of the investors in Erimitis finally going to stop and the obeisance that the inspectors and authorities seem to have to them?

For a month now, citing a vague 'legality', they have been brutally raping nature, destroying historical and archaeological areas as well as illegally destroying what are officially classified as forest areas and the seashore. They have been threatening locals and walkers in Erimitis with lawsuits and the police.

Requests for the 'legality of the work' (destruction) being done in Erimitis have been submitted not just by us but also by Sinies Cultural Society, Sinies local council, the North Corfu Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for technical works, WWF and, a week ago, the Regional Council. These requests have gone to the following:

1. Corfu Environmental & Land Planning Administration
2. Decentralised Administration Environmental & Land Planning Department
3. Decentralised Administration Waters Department
4. Land Register
5. Forestry Commission
6. Corfu Environmental & Town Planning Department
7. Corfu Police Department and Karousades Police Station

The Corfu people urgently demand it - full of anger but powerless to do anything, they can see their natural and cultural heritage being destroyed as well as the traditional and historical local architecture. The future of their land and their children's land is being destroyed and they are getting no answers - none of the above-mentioned have responded. None of them give a damn. Time is quickly passing and they remain vague and uncommitted, allowing the destruction to happen and, eventually, the fait accompli...

What does this tolerance mean? Why is no action being taken and, beyond the legality, why so much silence? Why?