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10 May 2023 / 22:23
Product authenticity label in Corfu shops

CORFU. Cooperation between the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) and the Central Corfu Municipal Authority.

15 Jul 2021 / 16:36
20-year sentence for "Beast of Kavos"

IGOUMENITSA. The trial of the “Beast of Kavos” from Corfu, as he is called by the foreign media,for the rape case from May 2020 took place at the Court of Thesprotia.

30 Oct 2020 / 09:08
Archbishop Nektarios to appear in court again following Prosecutor΄s appeal

CORFU. According to what the Prosecutor told Enimerosi, the appeal is with regard to the case of violating restrictive measures on Palm Sunday.

21 Oct 2020 / 13:23
Prosecutor recommends that Archbishop Nektarios be found guilty but with mitigating circumstances

CORFU. "He can΄t be exempted from the charges due to psychological pressure," said the Prosecutor, who nevertheless said there was no substantial danger to public health and referred to the special circumstances of the Agios Spyridon procession and the Archbishop΄s compliance afterwards.

19 Oct 2020 / 15:19
Trial of Archbishop Nektarios to continue on Wednesday 21 October

CORFU. The second case against Nektarios, Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos & Diapontia Islands will continue on Wednesday at 09:00 - The Prosecutor requested his acquittal for one of the two cases.

18 May 2020 / 15:52
Archbishop Nektarios trial postponed

CORFU. The trial has been postponed due to the suspension of court proceedings being extended to 31 May.

07 Sep 2018 / 05:31
Corfu Hotel Employees΄ Union announces industrial action

CORFU. The Union announced two days of industrial action.

30 Jun 2018 / 14:05
Trial of two men arrested in Lefkimmi on Tuesday deferred

CORFU. The two men who were arrested in Lefkimmi on Tuesday afternoon during incidents in which two policemen were arrested have had their trial deferred.

22 May 2018 / 12:14
Trial of Local Authorities on issue of Temploni landfill postponed

CORFU. The Local Authorities requested and were given an extension. The case will now come to court on Thursday 24th May.

22 May 2018 / 06:59
Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Cleansing Services to appear before 3-member Court of Misdemeanours today

CORFU. The Mayor, Kostas Nikolouzos, and Deputy Mayor, Spyros Aspiotis, will be tried by the 3-member Court of Misdemeanours today, Tuesday 22nd May at 12:00.

21 Feb 2018 / 14:40
Homicide trial of Igoumenitsa fireman resumes

CORFU. Following a week’s postponement due to the inability of witnesses to attend last week, the trial of the 59-year-old Igoumenitsa fireman resumed today (21st February) in Corfu.

15 Feb 2018 / 09:38
Trial of Igoumenitsa fireman postponed until next Wednesday

CORFU. The trial due to take place in Corfu this morning of the 59-year-old fireman from Igoumenitsa accused of murdering a 48-year-old man has been postponed.

06 Nov 2017 / 08:51
Hydroplane completes trial sea landing in Corfu

CORFU.The Kodiak 10-seater hydroplane completed its much-awaited trial sea landing in Corfu on Sunday morning.

27 Oct 2017 / 08:36
3-day trial flights for the hydroplane

CORFU.The Japanese Kodiak hydroplane is expected in Corfu on Friday to begin its trial flights.

26 Oct 2017 / 08:33
All ready for hydroplane trial flight.

CORFU.The president of Corfu Port Authority, Spyros Stefanidis, announced that the first hydroplane trial flight will take place in Corfu this coming Sunday.

18 Oct 2017 / 08:53
Seamen ready to take industrial action

CORFU.The local Seamen’s Union held a meeting on Tuesday 17 October, which finished just after 3 pm.