Wednesday 24.04.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


06 Mar 2024 / 14:12
Deputy Regional Governor gives reassurances regarding suspension of work on Garitsa shore road

CORFU. The contractor exercised his rights due to an unpaid bill of 13,616 Euros.

25 Jan 2024 / 14:05
Boukari-Petriti road closed at Kalami for roadworks

CORFU. The road will remain closed until 15 March.

16 Nov 2023 / 13:03
Roadworks progressing in Phaeces district

CORFU. The restoration of the deteriorated road surface in the Felekas area of Skripero is set to be completed in the coming days.

24 Oct 2023 / 16:06
North Corfu road and water supply works progressing

CORFU. North Corfu Municipality is continuing at pace with projects of vital importance for its local districts.

17 Oct 2023 / 20:16
Road resurfacing work continues in Central Corfu Municipality

CORFU. Μeropi Ydraiou: "Consistent with our promises, we will continue the road resurfacing and all other works until the last day of our term of office".

13 Oct 2023 / 19:52
Roadworks continue in North Corfu

CORFU. Work is underway in Magoulades, Akrotiri and Agno Karousades to upgrade the road network.

19 Sep 2023 / 23:23
Repair work finally begins in Tsaki Benitses almost two years after Ballos storm

CORFU. Drivers must be particularly careful. Only one lane is open to traffic in the area where the work is being carried out.

18 Aug 2023 / 14:18
Infrastructure works continue in North Corfu Municipality

CORFU. The Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris gave an update on the progress of the works on road, sports and school infrastructure.

24 Apr 2023 / 12:48
Boukari-Messonghi road closed Monday and Tuesday

CORFU. The road will be closed for two days while maintenance work is being carried out on the road surface.

17 Feb 2023 / 15:00
Maintenance work on Parelia road network

CORFU. The project includes surface repair, potholes and other road maintenance.

13 Feb 2023 / 10:00
Perama road restoration to be completed by end of February

CORFU. Deputy Regional Governor Manolis Orfanoudakis says the contractor will then immediately begin work at Karina in Tsaki Benitses.

27 Jan 2023 / 10:24
Contracting of major road resurfacing work in South Corfu on hold due to appeals

CORFU. Major Regional Authority resurfacing work in progress in North, Northwest and Central Corfu.

17 Jan 2023 / 10:19
Garitsa streets closed to traffic for resurfacing

CORFU. Streets closed temporarily on Tuesday and Wednesday.

09 Jan 2023 / 16:59
Road surfacing in Kefalomantouko

CORFU. Road closed to traffic on Tuesday and Wednesday.

08 Dec 2022 / 15:16
Some Corfu Town streets closed to traffic for resurfacing

CORFU. The streets listed below will be closed to traffic from Friday morning until Sunday morning.

04 Dec 2022 / 15:23
Roads closed to traffic from Monday for resurfacing

CORFU. No through traffic or parking will be allowed from Monday 5 to Wednesday 7 December.

30 Nov 2022 / 10:02
Garitsa shore road closed for resurfacing

CORFU. Work contracted out by Regional Authority - Other resurfacing work in Corfu Town.

25 Nov 2022 / 15:50
Meropi Ydraiou inspects road resurfacing work

CORFU. Meropi Ydraiou: "The road network has a lot of problems, but the damage is gradually being fixed."