Wednesday 24.04.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


13 Apr 2024 / 10:07
Man arrested in Igoumenitsa with 225kg unprocessed cannabis

IGOUMENITSA. The value of the confiscated drugs is estimated to be up to €1,807,040.

11 Apr 2024 / 13:27
Man arrested for illegal possession of 237 firecrackers

CORFU. The arrested man was taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

09 Apr 2024 / 15:57
Two arrested for attempted car theft

CORFU. The thieves managed to steal 50 litres of petrol from one car.

09 Apr 2024 / 08:45
17-year-old accused of knife attack released with restrictive conditions

CORFU. Charges of criminal nature have been filed against the 17-year-old for attempted murder, aggravated assault causing serious bodily harm on multiple occasions, as well as for violating weapons legislation.

05 Apr 2024 / 13:54
Knife attack perpetrator to appear before Prosecutor on Monday

CORFU. The 14-year-old who was stabbed in the leg has been discharged. The 17-year-old has returned to Ioannina University Hospital from Patras following the surgical procedure he underwent.

04 Apr 2024 / 14:28
Criminal charges brought against 17-year-old

CORFU. Police conducted an investigation into the case and the arrested individual will be brought to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

03 Apr 2024 / 15:24
Arrest made in connection with violent incident in San Rocco

CORFU. Police are conducting an investigation into the incident.

29 Mar 2024 / 13:50
Man arrested in Solari given 6-year prison sentence

CORFU. Four charges were brought against him.

29 Mar 2024 / 12:44
Motorcyclist, 20, arrested after knocking over and abandoning 70-year-old pedestrian

CORFU. The accident happened just outside Corfu Town.

25 Feb 2024 / 11:01
Three young men arrested for causing damage to cars in Spilia

CORFU. Another person is still being sought by police.

23 Feb 2024 / 13:24
Man, 31, arrested for drug trafficking

CORFU. The arrested man was taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

22 Feb 2024 / 15:39
Young British woman accused of animal welfare offences found not guilty

CORFU. Lawyer Spyros Dragomanovits stated that it will be judged in an administrative court whether or not his client will have to pay the administrative fine of €7,000.

10 Feb 2024 / 15:08
British woman arrested for violations of equine welfare laws to be tried on 21 February

CORFU. The woman was arrested on 8 February - following up on a complaint received, police found that the young woman was keeping seven horses on her estate in Alevropari without adhering to proper welfare standards.

09 Feb 2024 / 16:47
British woman, 27, arrested for violation of animal welfare laws involving 7 horses

CORFU. The woman was fined 7,000 Euros.

08 Feb 2024 / 11:11
Mexican and Greek remanded in custody for theft and drug offences

CORFU. They were arrested on Sunday evening, and a criminal case was filed against them.

05 Feb 2024 / 14:19
Two arrested for stealing psychotropic pills from pharmacy

CORFU. They had also broken into another two businesses.

30 Jan 2024 / 13:23
Man, 33, arrested for possession and cultivation of cannabis

CORFU. The arrested man was taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

29 Jan 2024 / 10:46
Three young men arrested for stealing car parts

CORFU. They were caught in the act of stealing parts from a body shop, while it was found that a short while earlier they had stolen from a neighbouring business.