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Old Palace

19 Jun 2023 / 14:48
"Ageless Women" - an event dedicated to women

CORFU. The event took place in the Old Palace Colonnade as part of the World Music Day celebrations.

02 Sep 2022 / 09:32
Launch of Corfu International Festival

CORFU. The Corfu International Festival was launched at the Old Palace yesterday.

25 Jul 2022 / 09:20
"Heroic Memories" at Old Palace Colonnade

CORFU. Traditional dance groups and choirs will be taking part.

19 Jun 2021 / 11:47
΄Mantzaros΄ Philharmonic Society concert at Old Palace on Monday 21 June

CORFU. On the initiative of conductor Socrates Anthis, ΄Mantzaros΄ Philharmonic Society established the celebration of World Music Day in Corfu in 2014.

09 Jun 2021 / 12:11
The Double Rainbow – The Double Harmony in Old Palace gardens

CORFU. On Sunday 20 June for World Music Day. "Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything" Plato.

12 Aug 2020 / 13:31
Wonderful concert from ΄Mantzaros΄ Philharmonic Society last night

CORFU. ΄Mantzaros΄ Philharmonic Society performed its traditional concert at the Old Palace Colonnade last night, Tuesday 11 August, conducted by Socrates Anthis.

18 Jun 2020 / 10:00
Municipal Art Gallery reopens

CORFU. The Permanent Collection of the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipal Art Gallery reopened this week.

17 Sep 2019 / 07:00
Enchanting performance from Evropouli Choir

CORFU. There was a large turnout for the Evropoulis ΄Ioannis Capodistrias΄ Choir concert.

11 May 2019 / 09:33
Flavours and music from the time of Capodistrias at Corfu Old Palace

CORFU. 2nd Corfu Food and Wine Festival

10 Feb 2019 / 00:00
Hellenic Red Cross Awards Ceremony

CORFU. President Christophoros Laskaris and board members of the Corfu branch of the Hellenic Red Cross would like to invite everyone to its awards ceremony.

05 Sep 2018 / 06:09
An evening of Argentinian Tango at the Old Palace

CORFU. Corfu Tango Club presented an evening of tango at the Old Palace Colonnade on Monday night, enthralling all those present.

02 Sep 2018 / 09:38
Kontokali Choir: Popular songs at the 4th Choir Festival

CORFU. Four choirs performed well-known Ionian Island and Greek songs on Saturday night.

01 Sep 2018 / 00:00
4th Choir Festival at the Old Palace Colonnade

CORFU. Kontokali Choir is organizing the 4th Choir Festival at the Old Palace Colonnade on Saturday 1 September at 20:30.

27 Aug 2018 / 00:00
Tango Argentino at the Old Palace under the full moon.

CORFU. Corfu Tango Club is presenting a night with Argentinian tango on Monday 27th August at 21:00.

05 Aug 2018 / 10:25
Final night of the Festival of Modern Dance ΄one small step΄

CORFU. The stage at the Old Palace was filled with energy, emotion and rhythm on Saturday night at the final performance of the Modern Dance Festival ΄one small step΄.

29 Jun 2018 / 00:00
Dance Event: The Greek Girls΄ Lycée (Lykio Ellinidon) at the Old Palace Colonnade

CORFU. The Corfu Greek Girls΄ Lycée is putting on a dance event on Friday 29th June at 20:45 at the Old Palace Colonnade.

21 Jun 2018 / 08:28
International Day of Yoga celebration at the Old Palace

CORFU. The Museum of Asian Art will be hosting an event for the International Day of Yoga on Thursday 21st June.

21 Jun 2018 / 00:00
International Day of Yoga at the Old Palace

CORFU. The Museum of Asian Art will be hosting an event for the International Day of Yoga on Thursday 21st June.