Sunday 25.02.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

North Corfu

22 Feb 2024 / 13:56
North Corfu Municipality distributes basic necessities to local families

CORFU. "This action aims to provide ongoing direct and practical support to families and individuals who are in a weak financial situation and belong to vulnerable groups in our society."

19 Feb 2024 / 15:31
First administrative board of newly-established North Corfu Water Supply and Sewerage Company

CORFU. The North Corfu municipal water and sewerage company is now taking shape following its autonomy from the island΄s inter-municipal scheme.

13 Feb 2024 / 10:06
New autonomous North Corfu Water Supply and Sewerage Company now official

CORFU. The final step in its establishment was published in the Government Gazette, following a series of actions that took place after the initial publication in the Government Gazette on December 31, 2023.

06 Feb 2024 / 16:57
Boy, 10, rescued after falling from bridge in North Corfu

CORFU. Firefighters and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

05 Feb 2024 / 10:53
Establishment of animal welfare association in North Corfu - Requests to the Municipality

CORFU. "The burden of feeding, caring for, sterilising, and sheltering stray animals falls exclusively on the shoulders of volunteers" - Resolution submitted to the municipal authority

28 Jan 2024 / 15:15
North Corfu Municipality acquires new garbage bin cleaner

CORFU. In case of an emergency, it is appropriately equipped to contribute to firefighting operations.

23 Jan 2024 / 14:41
Training seminars on use of defibrillators at North Corfu schools

CORFU. Following the installation of defibrillators in schools by North Corfu Municipality, training has begun on their usage by Ambulance Service (EKAB) trainers.

18 Jan 2024 / 14:52
Meeting of Greek and Georgian cultures in Corfu

CORFU. The event is under the auspices of the Georgian Embassy and the Greek Section of CIOFF and is supported by the Ionian Islands Regional Authority and the Municipality of North Corfu.

15 Jan 2024 / 11:22
North Corfu Water Supply and Sewerage Company can be sustainable if managed efficiently

CORFU. The recommendation for the establishment of an autonomous water supply company in North Corfu was approved by a majority vote during the municipal council meeting held on Saturday evening in Acharavi.

11 Jan 2024 / 17:32
New North Corfu EKAB base to be created in Acharavi

CORFU. North Corfu Mayor: "The Municipality will buy a new fully equipped ambulance for the new EKAB base".

08 Jan 2024 / 20:51
Productive meetings of North Corfu Municipality community presidents

NORTH CORFU MUNICIPALITY. Aiming to prepare the new community authorities by exchanging knowledge and experiences for the effective management, operating framework and governance of local communities.

08 Jan 2024 / 11:00
΄Independence Day΄ for North Corfu Water Supply and Sewerage Company

CORFU. The withdrawal of North Corfu Municipality from the Corfu Inter-Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company has been published in the Government Gazette.

04 Jan 2024 / 12:58
Ambulance Service base in North Corfu at last!

CORFU. The recruitment of eight personnel for the new branch has been announced through ASEP (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection).

03 Jan 2024 / 15:25
Regional Governor and North Corfu Mayor determined to work together

CORFU. The new Regional Governor, Yiannis Trepeklis, held a meeting at his office with North Corfu Mayor, Giorgos Mahimaris.

28 Dec 2023 / 18:55
Christmas packages to 300 families from North Corfu Municipality

CORFU. "The Christmas packages include long-life food and meat and are distributed with respect and dignity."

19 Dec 2023 / 10:10
North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris sworn in

CORFU. Giorgos Mahimaris is optimistic that the excellent collaboration with his local government colleagues will continue.

18 Dec 2023 / 12:06
North Corfu Christmas Village now open

CORFU. The Christmas Village in Town Hall Square, Acharavi, North Corfu will be open until 30 December.

01 Dec 2023 / 11:31
Man, 25, arrested for theft of cash and jewellery in North Corfu

CORFU. At least three accomplices are being sought.