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ND 18% ahead of SYRIZA in Corfu - final results

26 Jun 2023 / 09:12

The ND party came out 18.09% ahead of SYRIZA in the second round of the general elections.

There were no surprises in Corfu with Stefanos Gikas from ND, Alekos Avlonitis from SYRIZA and Dimitris Biangis from PASOK all being returned as MPs.

Corfu results:

ND:  36,67%

SYRIZA: 18,58%

PASOK: 12,08%

KKE: 8,76%

Plefsi Eleftherias: 6,37%

Spartiates: 5,36%

Elliniki Lisi: 3,34%

MeRA25: 2,98%

Niki: 2,39%