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Feelings run high at pre-election meeting in Kavadades

29 Sep 2023 / 10:55

CORFU. The speech of mayoral candidate Varelis took place at the same time as the speech of the incumbent mayor Mahimaris.

Tensions are growing in the pre-election period in North Corfu, with political confrontation extending beyond online disputes and exchanges of insults.

It appears that the quarrel on Thursday night was triggered by the simultaneous scheduling of speeches by the party led by Varelis, which, they claim, had been organised days ahead and even announced with the programme posted the previous day.

According to information received by Enimerosi, members of the Varelis party, who discovered that Mahimarís was having a meeting, verbally criticised Mahímaris and soon tempers flared.

Not only that, but the Afionas local community president fainted and was taken by ambulance to a private clinic in North Corfu.

Following this, Mayor George Mahímaris asked the members of his party to withdraw and calm was restored.

At midnight, the Varelis party, Symparataxi Politon, issued a statement regarding the incidents, citing that Giorgos Mahimaris "unethically obstructed its pre-election speech in Kavvadádes."


The statement said the following:

"Over the past 10 days, the mayoral candidate Mr. Varelis, has been talking with the President of the Municipal Council by phone, requesting him to carry out the self-evident duties that he is obligated to perform during the pre-election period.

Specifically, he asked him to convene an inter-party meeting of the three factions participating in the elections to discuss the following issues: where to put up posters, the locations for hanging banners and even determining the days for each party's campaign tours in the villages. However, he refused to do so, and the meeting never took place. The party coordinated with Mr. Roussinos' party, which is why there was no overlap.

Our party posted the schedule for Mr. Varelis' pre-election speech in Kavadades Square at 20:30 today, September 28th. However, Mr. Mahímaris had other plans and decided suddenly, just before the arrival of our municipal council candidates and Mr. Varelis, to show up at Kavadades Square and address the residents who had gathered there.

Following our intervention regarding our planned visit to the village, we faced an unethical attack from the Mayor's team with unacceptable and highly offensive remarks. We unequivocally condemn any form of violence and intimidation. Our party has never chosen, nor will it ever choose, to engage in such thuggery and brawls.

Mr. Mahímaris has made it perfectly clear that this is the way he has chosen to conduct himself in this pre-election campaign. After the Deputy Mayor's attacks, they continue unabated with personal assaults."