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MP Zoe Rapti: "Rodi, we all stand with you."

11 Oct 2023 / 14:10

CORFU. According to Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas, the Employment Minister Adonis Georgiades will be coming to Corfu on Friday.

Ahead of the second round of regional elections, where Rodi Kratsa will compete against the "insurgent" Yiannis Trepeklis, the government continues to express its support for the blue candidate.

Today, it was the turn of the ND MP, former Deputy Minister of Health, Zoe Rapti, to make the customary statements at Rodi Kratsa's campaign centre.

At the press conference, Corfu MP Stefanos Gikas announced that the series of visits will continue with the visit of the Minister of Employment, Adonis Georgiadis, on Friday, while the Prime Minister's visit is being reconsidered.


Top Region in terms of use of available funds

Zoe Rapti stated that the Regional Governor has systematically worked with patience and perseverance for the region over these four years, which is why the region is now top among the 13 regions of Greece in terme of the use of available funds and inclusion in projects.

"In Corfu, road network projects are in progress. More than 140 kilometres of road network are currently being tendered out, being executed, and have been scheduled for completion. Restoration projects of iconic buildings, such as Villa Rossa and the Achilleion Palace, are also in progress."


Dubai - Corfu Connection

Regarding tourism, Zoe Rapti stated: "During these four years, Corfu has seen significant development in tourism, and a particularly important development was the establishment of the Dubai - Corfu connection. The tourist industry has grown in 2022 and 2023, benefiting not only Corfu but also the other parts of the Ionian Islands.

It's worth mentioning that entrepreneurship has also been supported, with businesses receiving assistance of over 62 million Euros during the pandemic. We all know how challenging the pandemic was, how it set many things back, but now we are no longer in that crisis."

Natural Disasters

"Despite the subsequent Civil Protection crises - Ianos and Balloc -- we all know that they were effectively responded to by the services in the Region, and of course, funds were allocated during this four-year period for flood prevention projects, totaling more than 15 million Euros, because you understand that the Climate Change crisis is right at our doorstep.

"I also want to pledge my support, along with the others who will be standing by Rodi Kratsa, because just as she worked during this four-year term, she will do the same for the next five years as a Regional Governor for all citizens, embracing all our fellow citizens, especially the most vulnerable. Support for the most vulnerable is, in any case, included in the Region's programme. Rodi, I want to wish you good luck from the bottom of my heart; we are all on your side!" the ND MP concluded.