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Ionian Islands Regional election results - Trepeklis elected Governor

16 Oct 2023 / 09:28

IONIAN ISLANDS. Yiannis Trepeklis won with 65.4% against 34.6% for Rodi Kratsa.

With 100% of votes counted, Yiannis Trepeklis was elected as the new Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands with 65.4% compared to 34.6% for Rodi Kratsa.

Trepeklis also won on all the islands, except for Lefkada, where the current Regional Governor received 61.89% as opposed to 38.11%.

Trepeklis came first in Zakynthos with 53.28% against 46.72%, in Ithaki with 56.09% against 43.91%, in Cephalonia with 71.24% against 28.76%, and in Corfu with 76.61% against 23.39%.

Participation in the second round of elections was just 30.58%.