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Pagi, Agios Georgios Green Spot twinned with ΄Clean Mani΄ Green Spot

26 Apr 2023 / 09:57

CORFU. The extensive network of Green Spots in North Corfu inspired the ΄Clean Mani΄ Association to set up the first Green Spot in Western Mani Municipality.

(North Corfu Municipality) On Wednesday, April 19th, members of the "Clean Mani" association visited the Municipality of North Corfu to be informed about the implementation of the Municipality's strategic planning for integrated waste management and to visit the recycling corners of North Corfu.

Municipality statement:

Evaggelos Katsouleas, municipal councillor of the Municipality of Western Mani and appointed advisor for environmental issues, and Sofia Christofilopoulou, president of the association "Clean Mani", visited North Corfu.

The members of the association met with North Corfu Deputy Mayor of Circular Economy, Environment, Social Policy and Public Relations, Spyridoula Kokkali, who showed them round recycling centres of North Corfu. It is worth noting that the extensive network of Green Spots created in North Corfu - currently numbering 174 - inspired the association to create the first recycling corner in the Municipality of Western Mani. Additionally, detailed statistical data on the performance and development of recycling in the Municipality of North Corfu were presented by the statistician, Theodoros Voros.

The visit culminated in a symbolic act, the "collaboration" of the Green Spot in Pagi, Agios Georgios - set up in October 2019 on the initiative of Spyros Pagiatakis Spyros, with the participation of Pagi Cultural Association and volunteers - with the "Clean Mani" Association Green Spot.