Reports of animal poisoning in Poulades and Upper Square

Reports of animal poisoning in Poulades and Upper Square

Enimerosi archive photo

CORFU. There is no end to the reports from around Corfu of scrupleless people causing stray animals and pets to suffer horrible deaths.

Δεκεμβρίου / 2020

An Enimerosi reader has reported that there have been dead cats for months in Poulades. They said that they has been trying to contact the local police station but without success.

The animal welfare group The Ark recently posted on social media that makeshift poisonous 'packages' with glass have recently been found in the Upper Square in Corfu Town. They asked people to take care as even pets could become victims.

It is not, of course, the first time that these inhuman efforts to 'exterminate' animals has been heard of - there are frequent reports from all over the island.

People are reminded that the Municipality is responsible for stray animals and if this kind of behaviour comes to the attention of members of the public or if they find poison or dead animals, they should contact their local police station.