Halikounas the 5th safest beach in Europe

Halikounas the 5th safest beach in Europe

Halikounas Beach (European Best Destinations)

USA. Article in American magazine Forbes with the safest beaches selected by European Best Destinations - Preveza Monolithi in 1st place.

Μαΐου / 2020

According to Forbes magazine, Halikounas Beach in South Corfu is the 5th safest beach in Europe post-Covid-19 - and 2nd in Greece, behind Preveza Monolithi in 1st place.

The article written by Cecilia Rodriguez lists the 10 safest beaches in Europe for summer holidays post-lockdown. These include beaches in Portugal (which has 3 beaches on the list), Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Malta and Germany as well as the 2 Greek beaches - Preveza Monolithi in 1st place and Halikounas, Corfu in 5th place.

See the article here.

The proper handling of the pandemic in Greece, with the relatively few (compared to other countries) cases and deaths from coronavirus make Greece one of the top choices for summer this year as the destinations here provide greater safety for travellers.

Another plus for Greece is the fact that it is in 2nd place worlwide as regards the number of Blue Flags. Halikounas is the only Blue Flag beach in Corfu (out of 10) not attached to a hotel unit.

The European Best Destinations Organization (EBD) which falls under the European Commission’s EDEN Network ("European Destinations of Excellence") dedicated to promote sustainable tourism in the continent, selected the safest beaches in Europe post-Covid-19 which are listed in the Forbes article

The selection is based on various criteria such as low ratio of coronavirus infection, (from 10- to 600-times fewer cases), the size of the beaches and the number of square meters available on the beach per person.

Another important factor is the large offer of private villas, tourist apartments, small or medium-sized hotels with specific health charters and commitments to travelers, such as cleaning and room disinfection service after each stay and respect for social distancing.

They’re also located near hospitals that have not suffered overcrowding during the crisis, with an average of hospital beds per inhabitant above the European average.