Nikos Hardalias: Scenes outside banks completely unacceptable

Nikos Hardalias: Scenes outside banks completely unacceptable

ATHENS. Civil Protection & Crisis Management Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias today announced further lockdown measures for five Municipalities.

Μαρτίου / 2020

The measures are to prevent the spread of the virus in these specific areas.

It has also been decided to restrict public access to the pedestrian precinct along the shore in Thessaloniki between 08:00 and 02:00 Monday to Friday and all the weekend. The measure comes into force today (31/3) and will continue for 14 days.

The district of Mesopotamia in Kastoria Municipality has been put in quarantine for 14 days starting from 20:00 tonight, the Deputy Minister said. There will also be extra lockdown measures from 20:00 tonight in the Municipalities of Kastoria, Orestido, Nestorio, Xanthi and Mikis.

The following lockdown exceptions have been suspended in these Municipalities:

Giving help to someone in need.
Attending special ceremonies. Only for funerals of immediate family.
Exercise or taking pets for a walk for up to 15 minutes near the home.

He also said that one customer per 20 sq.m. will be allowed in supermarkets. For precautionary reasons the operation of two open-air markets in in Iliou Municipality will be suspended.

Mr. Hardalias stressed that the coming days and the month of April were especially critical - the situation is very fluid and nothing has been settled yet.

The Deputy Minister made special mention of the "completely unacceptable scenes outside the banks with members of the public who have not grasped the danger there is."

"It is not possible to have one police officer standing by every reckless and thoughtless citizen," he said. "The measures are there to be adhered to."