Regional Governor:"A lot of international interest in audiovisual productions"

Regional Governor:

CORFU. Ionian Islands Regional Administration at FOCUS International Exhibition in London for audiovisual producers - Regional Film Office being set up to promote the Ionian Islands as an attractive destination for productions

Δεκεμβρίου / 2019

The 13 Greek Regions were invited by the Ministry of Digital Governance and the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) to take part in the FOCUS Exibition in London - the largest international industrial event for cinema, television and audiovisual producers.

According to the press release from the Regional Administration, the Ionian Islands Region was represented by Governor Rodi Kratsa and the Deputy Regional Governor for Digital Governance and European Programmes Kostas Capodistrias.

Statement from the Regional Governor:

"In the modern age a dynamic international competitive market is developing in the field of audiovisuals. Our country needs to align itself with these developments and exploit all the available resources. Greece is an ideal country with an open, natural studio with a lot of variety and advantages. The Government's aim is to implement a structured and efficient strategy which will give opportunities to all the Regions.


- Creating infrastructure to support professionalism and skills in the audiovisual field in order to increase investment and employment.

- Simplification of the bureaucracy involved and provision of incentives such as cash rebate, which already exists, and the tax rebates which come from that.

These conditions will help attract international producers and also help develop domestic productions. They will also provide opportunities to promote our islands and thus increase tourism. As part of the national plan, we will set up a Film Office in our Region to facilitate audiovisual producers.

We realised the potential of this industry at the FOCUS Exhibition. Over 80 countries presented their Film Offices and what they have achieved and we got a lot of ideas about what we can also do. We met a large number of producers and global film companies to whom we had the opportunity to present the advantages of our islands. We also learnt what they need and demand from a destination so that we can plan our strategy accordingly.

There was a lot of international interest in the Greek destinations, mainly those that are better-known, which is not only good news for the country but also provides a challenge for our Region to compete both internationally and domestically."

EKOME President Panos Kouanis presented Greece's plan and the steps that have been taken along with the successful productions that there have been here.