The Ark: Statement regarding eviction from Municipal premises

The Ark: Statement regarding eviction from Municipal premises

CORFU. It is with great regret that we have to announce that The Ark charity shop has closed.

Φεβρουαρίου / 2019

The shop was the main, constant source of income for The Ark. It had been given to us by Corfu Municipality.

We believed that it had been given to us in recognition of the work we do which, according to law, is the responsibility of the Municipality. Protection and care of stray animals. We know that a lot of you believe that Corfu Municipality was contributing to The Ark's expenses - this is not true. They decided to rent the premises for 400 Euros.

This is an insignificant amount for the Municipality, which receives income from countless properties. We tried to talk with them, we begged, we even suggested that we pay the rent. They were adamant.

They cut off the electricity - which resulted in the volunteer heroes shivering on the cold days of the hard winter and the opening hours were reduced due to darkness.

They then threatened to file a lawsuit for a large amount of money. Finally, they won.

We are closing and the organization will have great difficulty in fulfilling its responsibilities. For emergencies please contact Corfu Municipality.

Another thing. The Ark's treasurer, an elderly lady who always gives her best, applied to the Municipal Technical Services - which is responsible for issuing special permits for vehicles in the town centre - for a permit to allow a vehicle to bring shop goods to the storage space. She was treated miserably and suffered hours of ordeal until the permit was issued.

On 20 February goods were brought to the shop and it was discovered that it had been padlocked. The paid driver who had brought the goods had to leave...until further notice.

For donations:

Alpha Bank
In Greece - 680002002014311
From abroad - IBAN GR59 01406800680002002014311

All donations are welcome!

As soon as we have found new premises we will let everybody know.

Read the response from the Deputy Mayor for Finance and Municipal Assets Giorgos Pantelios.