New measure: Monthly ΄fine΄ for unvaccinated over-60s

New measure: Monthly ΄fine΄ for unvaccinated over-60s

Vaccinations have been made mandatory for those over 60 years of age.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

Following health workers, vaccinations have now also been made mandatory for those aged over 60.

At a Cabinet meeting, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that those aged over 60 who refuse to get vaccinated will be 'fined' €100 every month. There are approximately 580,000 people in this age group and the relevant data will be cross-checked by AADE. Mitsotakis said that the data shows that only 60,000 went to get vaccinated in November and that it is mainly the over-60s who are hospitalised and who die.

"This is not a penalty," said the PM. "I would say that it is a health fee and an act of justice for the vast majority who have got vaccinated and are being deprived of health services due to the minority who are unvaccinated."

Whoever doesn't book an appointment will get a notice from the Tax Office to pay an administrative fine of €100 every month until they comply with the new measure for mandatory vaccinations for those aged over 60.

The new measure comes into force immediately and the deadline for booking a vaccination appointment is 16 January, 2022. From then on, there will be a monthly fine of €100 for as long as the measure is in force.

At the Cabinet meeting, amongst other issues, the PM talked about developments in the pandemic and the new Omicron variant. He will make further announcements regarding public health protective measures ahead of the upcoming Christmas season.