Corfu Ambulance Service Union appeals to businesses for purchase of motorbike

Corfu Ambulance Service Union appeals to businesses for purchase of motorbike

CORFU. Union asks for help again due to lack of sufficient support from the state.

Οκτωβρίου / 2021

At a meeting held at the Corfu Chamber of Commerce on Saturday morning, the Ambulance Service (EKAB) Employees' Union stressed the need for a fast-response motorbike. Union president Christos Kypriotis said a motorbike response unit was absolutely necessary under the present circumstances on the island - dangerous roads, permanent traffic congestion and lack of personnel.

The union asked for the assistance of businesses in the purchase of a motorbike for permanent use by the Corfu ambulance service. Christos Kypriotis said that he already existing personnel would then be trained. The cost of a suitable motorbike would be in the region of €9,000.

Although only a few businesses and organisations accepted the invitation to attend the meeting on Saturday morning, they agreed to put pressure on the government and to request a meeting with the Health Minister Thanos Plevris to request that all needs be covered as outlined in the unanimous decision of the Regional Council.

The 10 points unanimously agreed by the Regional Council:

1. The recruitment of medical and technical personnel specially trained in emergency services for all the islands.
2. Transfer of all EKAB centres in Corfu and the other islands to suitable locations and the establishment of EKAB units in North and South Corfu.
3. Permanent motorcyclist on all of the islands.
4. Establishment of defibrillator network in the capitals of all the prefectures, with the municipalities responsible for supervision and maintenance. The programme will be called "Stratos Tagatidis" in memory of the man who had fought for this.
5. Acquisition of sufficient modern ambulances - starting with the 9 that have been funded by the Regional ESPA and then more to be added depending on the population and circumstances of each island.
6. The criteria for the number of ambulances in each area to include distances, so that all parts of the islands can be satisfactorily covered.
7. Upgrading of the airlift base in Aktion.
8. Establishment of Ionian Islands EKAB.
9. Establishment of separate Ionian ISsands Health Region.
10. Support for the EKAB to remain a public service.