More defibrillators for Corfu - who is paying for them and where they will be placed

More defibrillators for Corfu - who is paying for them and where they will be placed

The defibrillator in Annunziata Square

CORFU. Because the state isn΄t doing anything, local businesses and organisations are paying for them.

Σεπτεμβρίου / 2021

Before the end of the week, the Ambulance Service (EKAB) will receive seven defibrillators, which have been ordered thanks to donations from Corfu businesses and the Lawyers' Association.

On their own initiative, they offered to buy the defibrillators following the publicity due to the sudden death of Stratos Tagatidis from an acute myocardial infarction.

Following his death, Spyros Simatis, who was with him, said that the ambulance took 45 minutes to get there. The Ambulance Service Employees' Union said that if there had been an ambulance available, there may have been a chance to save his life.

Speaking to Enimerosi, the ambulance workers said that this was not the only occasion, "Other people have died in similar circumstances, even though their deaths didn't receive the same publicity."

The first batch of defibrillators has been ordered and will be in Corfu in two or three days time.

The following have paid for the defibrillators:

Spyros Simatis: 3 defibrillators
- One to be placed at the Police and Fire Department Headquarters
- One to be placed in Anemomylos
- One to be placed in Spilia

Vassilis Kaloudis: 2 defibrillators
- One to be placed in Alexandras Avenue
- One to be placed at the port

St. Kardamis: 1 defibrillator
- To be placed at Malibu in Dassia

Corfu Lawyers' Association
- To be placed at the Courthouse

EKAB employees will place the defibrillators and will supervise them so that they can be replenished when necessary

Request to businesses

In the past, Municipal Councillor Spyros Poulis, leader of the Kerkyra Allagi party and an ambulance service employee, has asked for an extensive network to be created.

He recently met with Mayor Meropi Ydraiou to suggest that local businesses across the island be requested to support the effort and help buy the equipment.


There are already defibrillators at Pentofanaro, Annunziata Square, the airport, Sette Venti, Corfu Port Authority and the National Stadium. Most of them have been purchased with donations from local businesses, organisations and EKAB workers.

The Ambulance Service Employees' Union plan to organise lessons with first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to use defibrillators and are encouraging as many members of the public to take part.

They say, "Defibrillators can save lives as long as there is someone who knows how to use it! For this reason, every member of the public should learn this and should also be taught in secondary schools, universities and the armed forces."

It should be pointed out, however, that it is not at all complicated to use the equipment. Due to the fact that there may be an element of panic at the critical moment, the equipment gives audio directions in Greek to take the user through the procedure step-by-step, reminding them to stay calm and to immediately call health professionals.

University Informatics Department app

The University Informatics Department has developed a valuable digital tool. The AED Locator app for mobile devices will be available on Google Play Store and is in the final stages of testing. It gives the user the nearest location with a defibrillator. The app was developed by students Alexandros Riggas and Dimitris Pramateftakis under the supervision of Yiannis Karydis. For the utilisation and any improvements to the app, the Informatics Department is working in direct collaboration with EKAB.