Ionian Islands Museum Network

Ionian Islands Museum Network

Capodistrias Museum - One of the 14 founding members

CORFU. The Ionian University is coordinating the establishment of a cooperative network for all the museums - and not just during the pandemic.

Νοεμβρίου / 2020

The Ionian University and its museum are working to strengthen cooperation between museums and create a dynamic network with the various organisations in order to help boost the promotion of Ionian Islands culture.

The university is coordinating the foundation of the Ionian Islands Museum Network with representatives of 14 non-profit museums in the Ionian Islands signing a memorandum of cooperation which defines rules of operation, aims and member activities.

The first tele-conference with the founding members took place on Tuesday 10 November. Along with the members the Deputy Regional Governor for Finance and Culture Katerina Mothonaiou and Ionian University Dean Andreas Floros also took part in the meeting and expressed their support for the public and private organisations taking part in this project.

All those taking part agreed that the networking of smal and regional organisations is a significant step for their development and sustainability and will give them the opportunity to take initiatives to fulfil their common visions and to share the benefits with the local and wider community.

The aims of the Ionian Islands Museum Network as laid out in the memorandum of cooperation have three main axes:

- The sustainability of Ionian Islands museums
- The creation of a common cultural policy
- Showcasing the Ionian Islands cultural identity

The aims include:

- Creation of a common means of communication for the members
- Increase in numbers of visitors
- Creative interactivity of the Network members with the local community and visitors.
- Development of innovative activities to encourage participation by the local community and visitors using, amongst other things, new technologies.

Sustainability will be supported by the following:

- Specialist working groups made up of Network members.
- Development of common outreach policy.
- Creating together a common annual programme of activities and events.
- Cooperation in the process of approaching sponsors and collective programmes for creative, educational and research activities.
- Extending membership of the Network with new museums and cultural organisations in the Ionian Islands.
- Communication and sharing of knowledge and expertise between members.
- Branding and promotion of common activities nationally and internationally.

Another main priority of the Network is to develop ongoing communication and cooperation with local and regional authorities as well as the Ministry of Culture on matters pertaining to management and promotion of the Ionian Islands culture.

Founding members of Ionian Islands Museum Network:

1. Central Public Library - Lixouri Museum - Iakovatios, Cephalonia
2. Corfu branch of National Gallery, Corfu
3. Historical Folklore Company, Corfu
4. Koryialeno Historical & Folklore Museum, Cephalonia
5. Kavalou Folklore Museum, Lefkada
6. Kaminaraton Folklore Museum, Cephalonia
7. Ionian University Museum Collections, Corfu
8. Aggelos Sikelianos Museum, Lefkada
9. Capodistrias Museum, Corfu
10. Grigoris Xenopoulos Museum - Association of Friends of Xenopoulos Library, Zakynthos
11. Hugo Foskolos Museum, Zakynthos
12. Solomos & Epifanon Zakynthion Museum, Zakynthos
13. Naval & Folklore Museum, Ithaki
14. Cultural Centre, Lefkada

For information regarding the Network and membership please contact:

Stavros Vlizos
Director, Ionian University Museums Collection
[email protected]
Tel: 26610.87428