Capodistrias Museum 3 years old today

Capodistrias Museum 3 years old today

CORFU. The Capodistrias Museum reopened on 15 October three years ago.

Οκτωβρίου / 2020

The museum issued the following statement:

"We have achieved a lot during this time and would like to thank everyone for their response and faith in us! The Capodistrias Museum in Koukouritsa is now a part of everyone's life and has become one of the most important and dynamic cultural centres on the island.

In these past three years over 20,000 people have benn on guided tours of the Ioannis Capodistrias permanent exhibition, have taken part in our educational activities and cultural events in the museum garden. Even in the difficult year 2020 the Museum has remained available to the public by increasing its online activities and infrastructure and remaining open to the public when it was allowed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

The Capodistrias Museum remains open to the public Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 - 16:00. The cafe in the museum garden will remain open until the end of October.