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23 Jun 2019 / 10:19
Two young Corfu athletes win Gold at National Championships

KATERINI. On Saturday 22nd, the first day of the National Under-20 Championships, Spyridoula Karidi and Panayiota Dosi won Gold in the triple jump and high jump respectively.

11 Feb 2019 / 08:40
Young Corfu athlete wins gold at Balkan Championships in Istanbul

ISTANBUL. Spyridoula Karydi won a gold medal at the Balkan U20 Indoor Championships.

10 Jun 2018 / 06:55
Young Corfu athlete wins 3 medals and sets new Greek national record

The Balkan Under-18 Championships took place in Istanbul on Saturday 9th June.

09 Jun 2018 / 10:27
Three young Corfu athletes going for medals this weekend

This weekend Corfu will be represented by three young athletes - Romaiou, Karydi and Monopolis - who are competing in the triple jump in three important competitions.

02 May 2018 / 14:18
New ΄wave΄ of school trips to Corfu from Thursday

The number of 5-day school trips to the island has risen again due to the governmental decision to limit the number of trips abroad. Corfu business people welcome the fact that there hasn΄t been time for them to be manipulated as they were in the past.

18 Apr 2018 / 11:30
Corfu athlete breaks Greek national record

CORFU. Spyridoula Karydi breaks girls΄ triple jump record.

18 Apr 2018 / 09:01
ASTA travel agents: Two-day visit to Corfu

CORFU. American travel agents, members of ASTA, arrived in Corfu on Wednesday morning.

12 Jan 2018 / 09:56
American Travel Agents to visit Corfu in April

NEW YORK. American travel agents will be visiting Corfu in April when they come to Greece for their major annual conference.