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29 Nov 2023 / 21:56
Temporary solution for the collection of waste in South Corfu

LEFKIMMI. Collection directly from the bins and transportation to Palairos.

30 Oct 2023 / 20:11
Parents inform Corfu Prosecutor about lack of school transportation

CORFU. Half of the children attending schools in North Corfu are without school buses - Daily road safety risk.

11 Oct 2023 / 22:19
North Corfu Parents & Guardians Association: "We demand immediate action for the obvious"

CORFU. "We are asking for the umpteenth time since the beginning of the school year to speed up the procedures so that all routes are immediately restored and no child is deprived of school, not even one more day."

30 Aug 2023 / 19:24
Corfu bus owners still have not been paid for pupils’ transportation in 2023

CORFU. Deputy Regional Governor Kostas Zorbas: "It is due to a bureaucratic delay. They will have been paid within a week".

10 May 2023 / 12:39
Skripero school pupils taking part in sustainable transportation project

CORFU. Skripero Junior High and High School is the only school in the Ionian Islands taking part in this year΄s Ecomobility campaign.

31 Jan 2023 / 15:45
30% increase in cost of transporting waste off Corfu

CORFU. By a majority vote Central Corfu Municipal Council approved the increase requested by the transport company due to the increase in the cost of fuel.

03 Jan 2023 / 20:54
Corfu waste to also be transported to Ioannina

CORFU. 21,000 tons will be able to be transported to the Ioannina waste management facility and the same amount can be transported to Kozani.

17 Nov 2022 / 19:40
Tender process for pupils’ transportation at final stage

CORFU. Melita Andrioti: More than 60% of the routes will be covered. Increased interest from transportation service providers.

15 Nov 2022 / 20:59
Traffic Police checks on school buses continue

CORFU. There were violations for lack of escort and tachograph in Corfu school buses.

21 Sep 2022 / 23:40
Region promises Union of Parents & Guardians Associations to solve pupil΄s transportation issue

CORFU. Parents met with the responsible Deputy Regional Governors and the Regional Education Director.

05 Sep 2022 / 23:54
3,000 pupils in Corfu without school buses

CORFU. Schools start without school buses - Parents are responsible for the children΄s transportation, at least for now.

11 May 2020 / 12:18
Waste transportation contract awarded by majority vote

CORFU. On the FODSA Executive Committee the Mayors for North and South Corfu Mahimaris and Lessis voted against and Trepeklis abstained - The cost of €76 per ton was approved.

14 Apr 2020 / 13:04
Tenders received from 3 companies for transportation of waste to Kozani

CORFU. The tenders from three companies were opened at the FODSA office on Monday 13 April.

31 Dec 2019 / 14:37
Meropi Ydraiou considers that "Locals won΄t pay anything extra for the waste transportation"

CORFU. At yesterday΄s emergency meeting of the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipal Council Mayor Meropi Ydraiou said that she considered that locals won΄t have to pay extra for the transportation of waste to Kozani.