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Temporary solution for the collection of waste in South Corfu

29 Nov 2023 / 21:02

LEFKIMMI. Collection directly from the bins and transportation to Palairos.

A temporary solution has been found for the major issue of rubbish that has accumulated in the last few weeks in main roads and villages throughout the South Corfu Municipality.

Waste collection has not been taking place recently, as residents who oppose the operation of the Waste Transfer Station in Ano Psachna have blocked access to the waste collection trucks. For this reason, they have set up patrol groups to ensure that no vehicle approaches the site, as they believe that the space designated for the Waste Transfer Station is unsuitable, as it is close to homes and businesses.

As a result, the whole South Corfu, main roads, villages and settlements have been filled with hundreds of tons of rubbish, with all that entails in terms of public health. In fact, the situation has worsened with the rainfall of the last few days and the removal of the rubbish cannot be postponed any longer.

As the Deputy Mayor for Cleaning Services Nikos Bogdos told Enimerosi, the rubbish will be collected directly from the bins, with press containers that will be loaded and leave immediately for Palairos, without a stopover at the Waste Transfer Station in Ano Psachna.


From the accessible areas

According to him, the collection will start from the areas that are accessible for the containers. However, as he said, he is concerned about the collection in small villages (Episkopiana, Stroggili, Pentati, Pavliana, Vasilatika, Kouspades, Korakades, etc.), as the roads are narrow and the containers cannot fit.

According to him, the effort is focused so that the collection can start today in order to clear the roads of the tons of rubbish that are inside and outside the bins.

"After the agreement of the head of the Cleaning Services Department and the contractor who has to load and transport the waste, we will attempt to collect the rubbish from the piles that have been created. They will be put into press containers and instead of going to the Waste Transfer Station, it will go directly to Palairos. We want to solve the problem without being in conflict with the society," he said, noting that the removal of the rubbish must be done as soon as possible.


Over 300 tons

Estimates in the previous days regarding the rubbish lying exposed on the roads indicated over 300 tons throughout the municipality. In fact, photos of the piles of rubbish have been posted across social media all these days.

However, from the first moment the problem with the waste collection arose, the outgoing Mayor Kostas Lessis informed the government in writing proposing measures to deal, it and with a specific mention of disagreement with the possible presence of the police to alleviate the problem.