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17 Oct 2023 / 20:16
Road resurfacing work continues in Central Corfu Municipality

CORFU. Μeropi Ydraiou: "Consistent with our promises, we will continue the road resurfacing and all other works until the last day of our term of office".

27 Jan 2023 / 10:24
Contracting of major road resurfacing work in South Corfu on hold due to appeals

CORFU. Major Regional Authority resurfacing work in progress in North, Northwest and Central Corfu.

20 Dec 2022 / 20:34
MP Dimitris Biangis΄ letter to Fraport regarding Corfu Airport closure

CORFU. "Will there be cooperation with the responsible state bodies in order to cover the needs of the 120,000 permanent residents?"

19 Dec 2022 / 10:42
Corfu Airport to close for two weeks in January for runway resurfacing

CORFU. The closure will cause problems for those travelling at that time.

08 Dec 2022 / 15:16
Some Corfu Town streets closed to traffic for resurfacing

CORFU. The streets listed below will be closed to traffic from Friday morning until Sunday morning.

30 Nov 2022 / 10:02
Garitsa shore road closed for resurfacing

CORFU. Work contracted out by Regional Authority - Other resurfacing work in Corfu Town.

25 Nov 2022 / 15:50
Meropi Ydraiou inspects road resurfacing work

CORFU. Meropi Ydraiou: "The road network has a lot of problems, but the damage is gradually being fixed."

01 Jun 2022 / 11:26
Resurfacing work begins in Alexandras Ave.

CORFU. While the resurfacing work is being carried out trees are also being pruned.

31 May 2022 / 12:25
Traffic measures for resurfacing of Alexandras Ave.

CORFU. The road will be closed to traffic and parking forbidden from Wednesday 1 June until the morning of Friday 3 June.

31 May 2022 / 10:01
Drivers being asked to remove parked cars from Alexandras Ave.

CORFU. Road being prepared for resurfacing - scraping to begin on 1 and 2 June.

30 May 2022 / 12:56
Locals protesting at Ag. Ioannis resurfacing work

CORFU. Central Corfu Municipal Technical Works Department has begun resurfacing work in Ag. Ioannis square.

03 Mar 2022 / 15:06
Resurfacing of road between Pelekas and Sinarades junction

CORFU. Ionian Islands Regional Authority has began work to improve the road network in central Corfu.

02 Mar 2022 / 11:57
Resurfaced road next to market and New Fortress open to traffic again

CORFU. Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality has announced that the resurfacing work in Lohagou Vlaikou St. has been completed.