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05 Apr 2024 / 13:54
Knife attack perpetrator to appear before Prosecutor on Monday

CORFU. The 14-year-old who was stabbed in the leg has been discharged. The 17-year-old has returned to Ioannina University Hospital from Patras following the surgical procedure he underwent.

04 Apr 2024 / 14:28
Criminal charges brought against 17-year-old

CORFU. Police conducted an investigation into the case and the arrested individual will be brought to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

30 Oct 2023 / 20:11
Parents inform Corfu Prosecutor about lack of school transportation

CORFU. Half of the children attending schools in North Corfu are without school buses - Daily road safety risk.

30 May 2023 / 23:14
Prosecutor orders investigation following collapse of school exam platform

CORFU. Ionian Islands Regional Education Director: "Problems in Corfu have been restored. We are ready for the national exams as the transmission system of the exam questions is different".

20 Oct 2021 / 12:13
Parents at Prosecutor΄s office regarding lawsuit they filed for Vocational High School vandalism

CORFU. The 1st Vocational High School PGA is requesting that the Prosecutor take action to end the sit-in.

19 Oct 2021 / 21:47
Parents and teachers to protest before the Prosecutor for vandalism at Corfu Vocational High School

CORFU. The protest will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10:00.

11 Aug 2021 / 14:45
Anti-vaxxers at Prosecutors office in Zakynthos – 6 arrests

ZAKYNTHOS. Anti-vaxxers who wanted to protest against mandatory vaccinations, caused an incident yesterday at the Public Prosecutor΄s Office.

09 Aug 2021 / 19:01
Man arrested for fire in Kavos released with restrictive conditions

The 35-year-old Ukrainian man was arrested and taken appear before the Prosecutor on charges of involvement in the fire.

09 Aug 2021 / 15:08
35-year-old man arrested for arson in South Corfu

CORFU. The 35-year-old Ukrainian man, accused of arson attempt last Saturday in Foukario Parakladi area in Lefkimmi, was taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

30 Apr 2021 / 12:47
Prosecutor orders enquiry at care home in Lefkimmi

CORFU. Police received information about the home and, following the involvement of a justice officer and social worker, the Public Prosecutor has ordered them to conduct an investigation.

11 Feb 2021 / 16:57
Public prosecutor now involved in the case of the nurse and the spreading of fake news

CORFU. According to Corfu hospital sources, the dramatic news that spread following the statement from the Public Hospital Workers president and union members is not so dramatic after all and has no connection with the vaccination.

30 Oct 2020 / 09:08
Archbishop Nektarios to appear in court again following Prosecutor΄s appeal

CORFU. According to what the Prosecutor told Enimerosi, the appeal is with regard to the case of violating restrictive measures on Palm Sunday.

19 Oct 2020 / 15:19
Trial of Archbishop Nektarios to continue on Wednesday 21 October

CORFU. The second case against Nektarios, Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos & Diapontia Islands will continue on Wednesday at 09:00 - The Prosecutor requested his acquittal for one of the two cases.

09 Jul 2020 / 11:42
New judicial documents for Temploni landfill - Temploni Association meets with Prosecutors

CORFU. Board members of Temploni Cultural Society met with Corfu Prosecutors on Wednesday.

04 Jun 2020 / 17:21
Lawyer of 47-year-old says it wasn΄t rape - it was an extramarital relationship

CORFU. Dimitris Aspiotis appeared before the Prosecutor today, accused of rape.

13 Apr 2020 / 07:42
Charges brought against Archbishop, Mayor and others

CORFU. Leaving the Courthouse the Corfu Prosecutor Mr. Lambridis told reporters that they were being sought and will be brought to court.

29 Nov 2019 / 08:31
Corfu Radio Stations Union lodges extrajudicial documents against DEDDIE

CORFU. Corfu radio station owners went to see the Corfu Prosecutor due to "repeated power cuts in the area with the radio and TV station aerials" on Mt. Pantokrator.

13 Aug 2019 / 09:09
Prosecutor΄s decision expected in the case of Temploni abuse

CORFU. The admission that the case of the year and the long-term abuse of Temploni is not at the interrogation stage, as was mistakenly reported, but awaiting the Prosecutor΄s decision increases the need for clarification of this literally unsanitary (since we΄re talking about rubbish) issue.