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nursery school

01 Dec 2022 / 11:28
Children at Potamos Nursery School have to share building with mice!

CORFU. The President of the Association of Primary School Teachers says he hasn΄t had a response from the Mayor or the councillor responsible for education.

12 Oct 2022 / 12:05
South Corfu primary and nursery schools closed due to yesterday΄s weather

CORFU. Even the brand new Vraganiotika School Centre had problems.

12 Sep 2022 / 23:19
The creation of Erikoussa΄s nursery school is a victory for education

CORFU. The school bell sounded for five students who have settled in Erikousa and Mathraki in recent years.

09 Sep 2022 / 15:14
Erikoussa΄s first nursery school opens on Monday

ERIKOUSSA. A significant first for the small island

24 Feb 2022 / 17:14
Corfu 6th Nursery School pupils collect food for stray animals

CORFU. The Corfu 6th Nursery School pupils have set an example for all.

08 Oct 2021 / 11:21
Fallen tree removed from 6th Primary School

CORFU. The removal was completed on Friday morning.

06 Oct 2021 / 11:10
Parents protesting about conditions at 8th Nursery School

CORFU. Parents are asking that it be moved from the prefab buildings next to the high schools.

14 Sep 2021 / 12:55
Municipality promises to carry out immediate repairs at Kontokali Nursery

CORFU. The grass was cut on Tuesday morning.

13 Sep 2021 / 10:24
Holy Blessings for start of new school year at Kontokali Nursery

CORFU. The transfer of the nursery school to containers in Kontokali has been put on hold for the moment following the strong protests of parents and teachers.

11 Sep 2021 / 12:38
Parents reject the transfer of Kontokali Nursery School to prefab buildings

CORFU. Parents have decided not to send their children to the school if the building is unsuitable.

26 Feb 2021 / 10:43
Preschool pupil tests positive for Covid but no need for nursery school to close

CORFU. A pupil at Corfu 5th Nursery School has tested positive for Covid-19.

08 Jan 2021 / 14:53
Rapid tests for nursery school employees

CORFU. The President of Corfu Social Protection & Solidarity Union Maria Zervou announced that rapid tests were conducted.

07 Oct 2019 / 12:06
Donation from Rotary Club to 5th Nursery School

CORFU. Gift of two items of outdoor play equipment following a request from the school and the Parents & Guardians Association.

03 Apr 2018 / 09:58
Mayor meets with Association of Primary and Nursery School Teachers

CORFU. The discussion was about two-year compulsory state pre-school education.