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The creation of Erikoussa΄s nursery school is a victory for education

nursery school
12 Sep 2022 / 22:23

CORFU. The school bell sounded for five students who have settled in Erikousa and Mathraki in recent years.

After years of waiting, the school bell sounded today for the first time at Erikoussa΄s nursery school. The new school opened this year for the first time and it will welcome its two pupils.
It was a particularly special day for the residents of the island who saw again young pupils in the schoolyard. A 4-year-old and a 5-year-old boy are the first pupils in the nursery's history.
The nursery school that operates in a room next to the primary school has begun to be properly shaped to operate as a nursery school. On Sunday, the books and the necessary material and technical infrastructure for its operation arrived, while the Ionian Islands Regional Education Department welcomed the pupils in Mathraki and Erikoussa, with a package full of school supplies.
The holy blessing
The two little boys who attended the traditional holy blessing for the school opening are the children of the primary school teacher Apostolia Roussi. The 33-year-old teacher from Kozani was appointed permanently last year and together with her husband and her two little children decided to settle on the island.
At first glance, this was a difficult task, considering that the last class she had taken over before moving to the island was in a village in Kozani with 25 students. "It is difficult in many ways. But we are doing well and there is a lot of effort made on the island. The first year was a challenge. But now it's different after a year here. We know what it requires and we continue," Mrs. Roussi told Enimerosi.
Request from last year
Along with her appointment, Mrs. Roussi also submitted a request to open a nursery on the island last year, since her eldest son would be needing it. However, this was not possible. This year she submitted the request earlier. The good news came on August 30, when the Ministry of Education announced the creation of 8 new nurseries in the country, including one in Erikoussa.
"It is a victory for education and a historical event for those pupils who attend and for as long as it lasts. Last year two children were deprived of their education," she said.
The teacher from Corfu arrived just this morning with a boat from Agios Stefanos just for the holy blessing, as she got married 24 hours ago. Classes at the nursery school will start next Monday after she returns from her marriage leave.
Only the primary school has been operating on the island until now, where two little brothers are attending again. Mrs. Roussi is their teacher for a second year.
In the winter
Although the island fills up with people in the summer, reaching 300-400 people, due to tourism and because those who used to live there return for the summer, in the winter it empties and only the elderly are left there - population that depending on the season can range from 50-70 people. The creation of the nursery school, although it is a very important event from an educational and social point of view, it fills the residents with temporary optimism. They are well aware that if no families with children come to the island, the school will be empty again.
In Mathraki
Meanwhile, the school bell sounded at Mathraki Primary School for a second year for the only pupil, thanks to whom the school opened after 21 years.