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09 Dec 2022 / 21:11
Corfu Old Town Permanent Residents Association΄s online petition

CORFU. Corfu Old Town Permanent Residents Association΄s online petition on the issue of the extension to the time allowed for music.

20 Jul 2022 / 22:06
Public discussion on what times music is allowed

CORFU. It is unlikely that there will be a new decision on the times that music will be allowed before 15 August.

14 Jul 2022 / 14:17
Corfu businesses calling for ΄common front΄ on when music can be played

CORFU. The Restaurant & Catering Union is seeking support from tourist businesses and has invited them to a meeting of 10 bodies at 11:00 on Saturday.

12 Jul 2022 / 13:03
Local Town Council votes against extension to time allowed for music

CORFU. Seven voted against the extension, one abstained and one gave a blank vote.

23 Jun 2021 / 20:59
Masks no longer mandatory outdoors from Thursday 24 June

ATHENS. From tomorrow, Thursday 24 June, it will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask outdoors when there is not a lot of people together.

03 May 2021 / 10:47
Curfew begins 1 hour later from today

CORFU. From today, Easter Monday, the curfew has been reduced by one hour.

26 Apr 2021 / 13:22
Change in curfew time from today

Curfew begins an hour later from today - Details of church services in Easter Week.

22 Apr 2021 / 10:50
Changes to curfew times

The restrictive measures are gradually being lifted as announced by the Prime Minister and Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

02 Jan 2021 / 14:43
Government spokesperson announces stricter measures

ATHENS. Return to measures that were in place before the festive period. Curfew once again 21:00 - 05:00.

13 Dec 2020 / 11:04
New curfew time from tonight

CORFU. Curfew begins at 22:00 as of tonight instead of 21:00.

11 Dec 2020 / 12:11
Retail shopping with Click-Away - Visits to hair salons with SMS

ATHENS. Measures for the festive period have been announced - Churches open on Christmas Day and Epiphany with 9 people allowed in churches and 25 in Metropolitan churches - Curfew from 22:00.

22 Aug 2020 / 13:00
Restrictive measures extended in Corfu, Zakynthos and 18 other Regions

ATHENS. The extension of the measure prohibiting the opening of catering establishments between midnight and 7 a.m. was announced in the Government Gazette.

12 Aug 2020 / 10:39
First night of curfew for bars and restaurants in Corfu

CORFU. People on the streets - cafe-bars and restaurants closed and owners in despair - police presence at Liston.