Thursday 25.04.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

Port Authority

02 Feb 2024 / 15:00
New space at Corfu Port for Corfu-Igoumenitsa ferry available from end of February

CORFU. Ferry arrivals and departures be at the leeward pier near the New Port roundabout.

24 Jan 2024 / 10:06
Upward readjustment of collection and management fees for ship solid waste at Corfu Port

Corfu Port Authority has proceeded with a bold readjustment of collection and management fees for ship solid waste.

20 Dec 2023 / 13:20
Drones, tablets and a new vessel for Corfu Port Authority

CORFU. From the Ionian Islands Regional Authority as part of the ΄Laertes΄ natural disaster response programme.

07 Aug 2023 / 11:58
Protest at Corfu Port Authority about Anemomylos jetty

CORFU. The issue in question is the use of the jetty by an individual for the leasing of motorised boats, with permission granted by the Port Authority.

23 May 2023 / 19:17
62nd MedCruise General Assembly in Corfu

CORFU. Important topics will be discussed such as the berth allocation, ensuring accessibility and the challenges faced by cruise operators in island regions.

03 Feb 2023 / 13:49
Regional Authority seminar "Sustainable Tourism Development in the Ionian Islands"

CORFU. Today΄s seminar is the first step in the Regional Sustainable Tourism Strategy in the ΄Ionian Islands.

02 Feb 2023 / 14:31
"Sustainable Tourism Development in the Ionian Islands" seminar

CORFU. Friday 3 February at 09:30 at Corfu Port Authority.

25 Jan 2023 / 14:39
"Sustainable Tourism Development in the Ionian Islands" seminar

CORFU. Friday 3 February at 09:30 at Corfu Port Authority.

10 Dec 2022 / 10:45
Corfu-Igoumenitsa ferry service: only ΄closed΄ boats sailing today

CORFU. For updates call the Port Authority at 26613 65200.

16 Nov 2022 / 12:47
Defibrillator at Ipsos harbour

CORFU. Corfu Port Authority has installed a defibrillator at Ipsos harbour in case of emergencies at the harbour and in the area in general.

07 Nov 2022 / 10:40
Stranded boat temporarily ΄parked΄ in Garitsa park

CORFU. The boat was lifted out of the bay on Saturday without any serious damage having been done, apart from taking in some water, according to the Port Authority.

21 Sep 2022 / 14:28
Burnt yachts salvaged at Marina Gouvia

CORFU. The work was carried out by Corfu Central Port Authority in collaboration with Marina Gouvia and the insurance companies.

08 Sep 2022 / 13:13
Port Authority investigating cause of Gouvia Marina fire

CORFU. Marine pollution has been contained within a floating anti-pollution barrier.

08 Sep 2022 / 09:33
Gouvia Marina fire:Statement from Corfu Port Authority

CORFU. Corfu Port Authority issued a statement late on Wednesday night regarding yesterday΄s fire at Gouvia Marina.

23 Jul 2022 / 18:36
Driver dies in road accident

CORFU. The accident took place at 08:30 on Saturday morning on Eth. Antistaseos Rd. near to Corfu Port Authority.

20 May 2022 / 19:43
Corfu Port Authority training exercise for fire on ship

CORFU. As part of the updating of the Local Emergency Plan.

09 Feb 2022 / 21:19
Corfu Museum of Maritime History is starting to take shape

CORFU. Its architecture is reminiscent of the Venetian Shipyards at Gouvia, Corfu.

27 Jan 2022 / 11:44
Revolver found at Corfu Old Port

CORFU. On Wednesday evening, Corfu Port Authority was informed that a revolver had been found by a member of the public.