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Upward readjustment of collection and management fees for ship solid waste at Corfu Port

Corfu Port Authority
24 Jan 2024 / 10:21

Corfu Port Authority has proceeded with a bold readjustment of collection and management fees for ship solid waste.

Corfu Port Authority (OLKE) has proceeded with a bold adjustment of the fees and invoices for the collection and management of solid waste from ships docking at Corfu port. This decision was made by unanimous resolution, accepting the request submitted by the contracted company responsible for this specific port service.

This adjustment was made in response to the contractor's request, as the prices had remained unchanged from 2005 until now. Consequently, the excessive costs (investments in equipment, resources, and personnel) incurred by this service were borne by the contractor and not the users, following the principle of "the polluter pays."

The cost of final waste management at the signing of the contract in 2005 was 15 Euros per ton, while in 2023, it amounts to 160 Euros per ton. OLKE retains 12% of the fees paid by the ships, and the contractor attributes 12% to the invoices it issues for servicing the ships.


395% increase

According to the unanimous decision of the OLKE Board of Directors, the implementation of the adjusted service fee schedule by the contractor will commence on February 1, 2024.

The envisaged increases are substantial, but this is reasonable as costs have changed over the 19 years since 2005. Thus, based on the mathematical formula for adjustment stipulated in the contract dated 19/01/2005, an annual increase in fees and invoices for the collection of solid waste amounts to a rate of 395%! The adjustment took into account factors such as the average fuel price increase of the previous year, collective labour agreements for personnel (mariners and employees), the consumer price index of the previous year, and more.

As an indication for ships performing scheduled routes with frequent and regular port calls, the fees for the reception of solid waste are as follows:


Open-type ships: €10/day during the winter period and €20/day during the summer period.

Ferries (closed-type ships): €20/day during the winter period and €30/day during the summer.

Day excursion ships: €3/day.

Cruise ships: €224 per arrival.

Recreational crafts: Moored €30/month, Passing through €30/arrival.

Tugboats: €56/month.

For ships undertaking special voyages, the fees vary according to size as follows:

Cargo ships and tankers: From €150 to €1,500.

Ships under repair: From €200 to €2,000.

Passenger and cruise ships: From €250 to €3,000.


There is also a separate invoice for the service of collecting solid waste, for renting bins/containers, and for using trucks for the collection of solid residues.

Regarding the delivery of hazardous waste, the charges will depend on the type, dangerousness, and method of processing and disposal of these wastes. It will be invoiced directly by the contractor, following an agreement with the ship. The same applies to animal by-products.

Information communicated to interested parties

The adjusted invoice for the provision of services for the collection and management of solid waste was communicated to shipping companies, maritime agents, and the Shipowners Association on January 11th, to keep them informed about the changes that have been made.


Photo: Enimerosi archive