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New space at Corfu Port for Corfu-Igoumenitsa ferry available from end of February

Corfu Port
02 Feb 2024 / 15:14

CORFU. Ferry arrivals and departures be at the leeward pier near the New Port roundabout.

The new section of the port is now ready to operate, marking the completion of a project that commenced several years ago and encountered various challenges. The final acceptance of the project for the leeward pier took place in July 2022.

According to Corfu Port Authority (OLKE), the last delay was attributed to the installation of the medium voltage network, for which DEDDIE requested OLKE to construct a dedicated enclosure to house the electrical installations.

The construction of such an enclosure necessitates several approvals and licences (Environmental Impact Assessment, Architectural Council, Building Permit, and project execution approval from the Ministry).

Subsequently, the enclosure was constructed, and a contract was signed between OLKE and DEDDIE. OLKE made the corresponding payment for DEDDIE to complete the electrification project, expected to conclude in the immediate future.

The leeward pier is projected to commence operations in February. It will accommodate ticketing services and serve the ferries on the Corfu - Igoumenitsa route, thereby freeing up space exclusively designated for cruise ships.

The entry point for domestic routes will now be through the new gate situated at the New Port roundabout.