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Kostas Lessis

21 Apr 2023 / 18:09
South Corfu Mayor reports another act of sabotage on water supply network

CORFU. The Police will be looking into the matter and will conduct the relevant investigation to find those responsible.

12 Apr 2023 / 22:46
South Corfu Mayor reports act of sabotage on water supply network

CORFU. This is the second time it happens - Several communities temporarily without water.

30 Aug 2022 / 12:45
South Corfu Municipality searching for lifeguards

CORFU. Following the drowning of a woman in South Corfu, Corfu Port Authority has called Mayor Kostas Lessis to discuss the issue of lifeguards.

10 Apr 2022 / 12:25
Protest against the privatisation of Lefkimmi Port

CORFU. South Corfu residents along with political and union representatives gathered at Lefkimmi Port on Sunday morning.

21 Jan 2022 / 21:42
Vraganiotika School Centre handed over to South Corfu Municipality

CORFU. There will be a discussion with the local community about which other schools can be transferred to the new building.

17 Nov 2021 / 18:15
Mayor Kostas Lessis: We do not have a proposal for the Waste Transfer Station

CORFU. The... mysterious maps sent with the proposal raised some questions.

12 Nov 2021 / 19:17
Lefkimmi rubbish in danger of being left on the street

CORFU. The transfer of Lefkimmi’s rubbish is stopped, following appeals by Nikos Goussis to the Article 152 Committee.

18 Oct 2021 / 21:11
΄Ballos΄ destroyed South Corfu’s infrastructure

CORFU. Damage to tourist businesses and shops estimated to be more than €200-300m.

16 Jul 2021 / 13:06
South Corfu Municipal Councillors at Temploni landfill

CORFU. Following opposition from local residents Mayor Kostas Lessis left - Support from North Corfu Mayor

08 Jul 2021 / 17:32
Minister signs for waste bales to be removed from Lefkimmi - What South Corfu Mayor said

CORFU. “A great day for South Corfu”, said Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas.

29 Apr 2021 / 14:07
South Corfu Mayor happy with decision to remove waste bales

CORFU. Mayor Kostas Lessis said: "We won΄t relax until the landfill area is assigned to South Corfu Municipality."

31 Mar 2021 / 12:56
Tourist coach owners meet with South Corfu Mayor

CORFU. Just ahead of the beginning of the tourist season the major shortcomings in Corfu still remain.

09 Sep 2020 / 17:54
Meropi Ydraiou signs contract for road maintenance in South Corfu

CORFU. Due to the fact that the work had been included in the technical programme of the single Corfu Municipality in 2018.

02 Jul 2020 / 17:00
South Corfu Mayor to Tourism Minister - The Mayors of North and South Corfu were not included in your meeting in Corfu

CORFU. North and South Corfu were not included in Mr. Theoharis΄ meeting in Corfu with local authorities on Wednesday.

08 Jun 2020 / 10:51
Lefkimmi river lighting switched on

LEFKIMMI (SOUTH CORFU). Crowds gathered for the official switching on of the new lighting for Lefkimmi river on Sunday night.

04 Jan 2020 / 10:16
Meropi Ydraiou: There are some who want Corfu to live through the nightmare with the rubbish again

CORFU. "Some people are obviously not happy because the removal of the waste has come through my persistance and efforts," said Meropi Ydraiou.

15 Oct 2019 / 06:38
What South Corfu Mayor requested from Waste Management General Secretary

CORFU. "There΄s an open channel of communication with the Government," South Corfu Mayor Kostas Lessis told Enimerosi.