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Mayor Kostas Lessis: We do not have a proposal for the Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Station
17 Nov 2021 / 18:46

CORFU. The... mysterious maps sent with the proposal raised some questions.

Mayor Kostas Lessis surprised the South Corfu Town Council on the issue regarding the Waste Transfer Station.
The proposal that all Councillors received on Tuesday afternoon included maps and topographic surveys with coordinates, showing a place at the Lefkimmi junction to Bastatika.
The proposal also recorded the criteria that the location of the Waste Transfer Station should meet, which should be investigated.
At the meeting, however, Kostas Lessis stated that the Municipality has no proposal and that these maps show a location that does not meet the criteria. “We wondered why, of all the South Corfu areas, we were sent the map of a location that we were later told that is not suitable!” Nikos Goussis told Enimerosi.
The decision
Deputy Mayor Socrates Andriotis pointed out that the Municipal Authority has not found a plot of land. A Committee of Experts is expected to find one and then there will be an open call for expressions of interest for its lease.

The proposal, in accordance with the Regional Waste Management Plan (PESDA) siting criteria, was unanimously approved.