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19 Sep 2023 / 23:23
Repair work finally begins in Tsaki Benitses almost two years after Ballos storm

CORFU. Drivers must be particularly careful. Only one lane is open to traffic in the area where the work is being carried out.

14 Mar 2023 / 21:15
Project to repair road by Messonghi river put out to tender

CORFU. Residents and businesses are calling for permanent solutions with infrastructure projects to address the serious problems throughout the basin of the Messonghi river.

13 Feb 2023 / 10:00
Perama road restoration to be completed by end of February

CORFU. Deputy Regional Governor Manolis Orfanoudakis says the contractor will then immediately begin work at Karina in Tsaki Benitses.

30 Jan 2023 / 22:27
Ballos: South Corfu residents΄ patience is over

CORFU. Residents and professionals held a protest on Sunday morning demanding the repair of the October 2021 storm damage, as well as flood protection works.

08 Nov 2022 / 21:27
Roadworks in Perama begin on Wednesday, one year after Ballos storm

CORFU. Studies in the new ESPA Programme for the protection of the Ionian Islands with emphasis on their vulnerable areas.

07 Sep 2022 / 21:57
Works to repair ΄Ballos΄ damage finally begin

CORFU. Almost a year after the Ballos storm, the repair of the damaged infrastructure started from Stavros with works in three places.

15 Jul 2022 / 21:21
Court of Audit approves repair of road in Perama

CORFU. Works are also expected to be carried out in Ag. Deka, Stavros and Viros.

17 Jun 2022 / 18:40
First 60 advance payments of flood damage compensation paid to businesses

CORFU. “I believe that the remaining 50 will be paid by July,” the Deputy Regional Governor Kostas Zorbas told Enimerosi.

16 May 2022 / 18:00
18.5 million for ‘Ballos’ damage to be paid in two installments

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Region will receive 8.5 million in 2022 and 10 million in 2023 from the Ministry of Finance.

06 May 2022 / 20:40
Roadworks begin in Kontoyialos

CORFU. The Municipal Technical Works Department announced that drilling has begun for the preparation of geological, geotechnical and structural studies related to the serious landslides that had happened during the ΄Ballos΄ storm last October.

17 Feb 2022 / 17:46
Deputy Minister of Interior promises immediate payment of flood damage compensation to businesses

CORFU. “In the next few weeks, the files for the advance payment will be approved as a first form of relief to the businesses.”

27 Jan 2022 / 17:38
Repair of damage to infrastructure in South Corfu progressing slowly

CORFU. Flood victims still have not received compensation for household goods and simple repair work.

20 Jan 2022 / 20:43
Compensation for storm damage paid to households

CORFU. The Central Corfu Municipality paid the compensation to 163 flood victims – The total amount is €350,006.

12 Jan 2022 / 16:22
Repair work begins at Messonghi river

CORFU. The Regional Authority has begun work at the Messonghi river.

11 Jan 2022 / 18:06
Applications from businesses to be sent to Ministry of Finance for flood damage compensation

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Region is still waiting to receive the €15.5 million to repair the damage to infrastructure.

20 Dec 2021 / 17:42
Study for Potamos Bridge finally submitted to Central Archaeological Council

CORFU. The request has been submitted by the Ionian Islands Region to the Central Archaeological Council since October 27th.

23 Nov 2021 / 18:37
€500,000 for first repair work in Corfu following ‘Ballos’ storm

CORFU. The first two army studies, concerning Afra and Karousades, have arrived in Corfu.

10 Nov 2021 / 17:57
180 applications from businesses to Regional Authority for flood damage compensation

CORFU. 70 applications have been examined – At first, they will receive 20% of the amount of the damage suffered.