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Removal of waste bales from Lefkimmi landfill begins

waste bales
29 Mar 2023 / 23:50

CORFU. Work begins on Monday - The company assures that it will complete the work in two months.

After five years since the 2018 incidents in Lefkimmi, the waste bales that had been transported there from the Temploni landfill are finally being removed.

The Ionian Islands Regional Governor and FODSA President Rodi Kratsa and the representative of the 'Green Waste' company singed today the contract for the removal of the waste bales from Mesorachia.

Rodi Kratsa
The long-awaited ministerial decision was signed in July 2021 by the Minister for the Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas.
"It is a day we have been waiting for with anticipation, mainly the South Corfu citizens, but also we as the Ionian Islands Region and as FODSA in order to complete what we promised - that Lefkimmi will be cleaned from the waste bales and freed from the shame of the previous years. This is what we promised and fought for with the Mayor from the moment we were elected. It started with the government's decision to close the Lefkimmi landfill and then we as FODSA had the obligation to remove from Lefkimmi the waste bales left there from the previous solid waste management," said Rodi Kratsa.
The cost
"The cost will be €468,000 and includes the removal of 8,000 tons of waste, but according to experienced people who know the work and the Lefkimmi landfill estimate that the amount will be smaller because the waste bales have been there for many years," explained the Regional Governor.
Also present at the signing of the contract were the South Corfu Mayor Kostas Lessis and the Deputy Mayor Socrates Andriotis, the Deputy Mayor for Civil Protection Nikos Miliotis and the FODSA Managing Director Theodoros Kardaris.
In two months
The representative of the company said that the contract provides for the work to be completed in 6 months. However, he assured Mrs. Kratsa that only two months will be needed.
The waste bales will be transferred to the Etoloakarnania landfill and the landfill cost of about €300,000 is planned to be funded by the Region, as Mrs. Kratsa explained.
Kostas Lessis: Personal goal
The Mayor Kostas Lessis was very satisfied with this development and said that the removal of rubbish from Mesorachia was one of his most important pre-election promises.

"Us being here today proves once again that when we set certain goals we achieve them. From the first day of our election, both the Regional Governor and I set a single goal. First, the non-operation of the illegally licensed landfill in South Corfu. Second, the removal of the waste bales with government funding without burdening the South Corfu citizens. At the time, many did not believe it could happen. This was not a general fight, it was the fight of the Region and Municipality.
It was a personal goal that we are now realising. The operation of this site will be upgraded to be given to the South Corfu citizens with a specific use that will enhance the environment and will be for their benefit.
Kostas Lessis even said that he had addressed the Prime Minister, asking for this issue to be resolved. "I had told him that I refuse as Mayor to implement the operation of the landfill and I would hand in my resignation in case this promise would not be realised."