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Lawyer of 47-year-old says it wasn΄t rape - it was an extramarital relationship

04 Jun 2020 / 17:14

CORFU. Dimitris Aspiotis appeared before the Prosecutor today, accused of rape.

The Prosecutor and Examining Magistrate agreed that the 47-year-old accused of raping a 34-year-old woman in the Kavos area should be remanded in custody.

From the time he was arrested after having been rescued from a ravine, seriously injured, only today was the accused able to appear with his lawyer Vassilis Noulezas to make a statement.

He was questioned for approximately four hours by the Corfu Examining Magistrate. He denied the charges of kidnap, theft, rape and grievous bodily harm as well as illegal possession and use of a weapon.

His lawyer said, "The results of the medical examination didn't not confirm noteworthy physical injuries or that there was a struggle which could prove there was rape. My client has stated that it was, in fact, an illegal love affair. Based on the gaps and contradictions, I consider it to be in the main a manufactured charge and consider that a cross-examination is necessary."

 "We mustn't forget," said Mr. Noulezas, "that this man was discharged from prison with 67% disability due to serious psychological problems and long-term drug addiction. He is, therefore, a person with diminished capacity."

The accused's statement:

"I never committed physical violence or exerted force on the complainant, with whom a close social and friendly relationship - we ate and drank wine together nearly every day along with her husband either at their house or mine. I also never threatened her in order to have extramarital intercourse without her consent - quite the opposite, in fact.

"For 2 months I visited them at home nearly every day, buying, with the little money I had, food, delicacies, wine and cigarettes as I knew they had no money and found it hard to survive.

"For there to be rape there has to be deceitful coercion - in other words, forcing oneself on someone who doesn't want it. This wasn't the case here.

"The complainant wasn't someone unknown that I violently grabbed in the street and forced to have extramarital intercourse. Quite the opposite - she followed me without my hitting her, physically forcing her or threatening her."