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"A colleague tried to rape me and I was fired"

02 Sep 2019 / 13:12

ATHENS. A woman who was working as a server for the summer season was fired after "daring" to report an attempted rape to the police!

Corfu came up once again for a negative reason on the national news. According to the report on the main evening news on Star Channel on Sunday 1 September, a 29-year-old server has reported that a colleague attempted to rape her. Her employer fired her when it was found out that the young woman had gone to the police and claimed that a foreign national colleague had attacked her sexually and attempted to rape her.

According to an Enimerosi report, a 29-year-old woman reported a case of sexual abuse to the North Corfu Police Department on 24 August. The woman (born in 1990) and a second woman (borni in 2000) have also filed lawsuits. The accused 34-year-old foreign national was working at the same restaurant and is now being sought by the police.

According to the initial report which was broadcast on television and on the internet by Star:

The 29-year-old server said: "I told my employer - you have a daughter, today I was attacked, 24 hours later another girl was attacked, the next victim could be your daughter. There were two attempted rapes and they wanted to cover it up and threw me out. Horrible behaviour."

There has been a shocked reaction at what she has said about the Corfu restaurant owner. She was working as a server for the summer season and was fired after "daring" to report an attempted rape to the police! The accused man is a foreign national who was washing dishes at the same restaurant and lived in the same staff quarters provided by the owner.

"We all stay in the same place and as I was returning to my room late at night he was waiting for me. He was drunk and started pulling me and then caressing me and I told him to let me go..."

"The accused also attempted to rape a second girl."

She also claims that two days later, at the same staff quarters, the foreign national attempted to rape a second girl. He broke into the 19-year-old server's room through the window and sexually attacked her while she was asleep.

"As soon as she opened her eyes she saw him on top of her, half-naked, with a condom and a knife in his hand. She called out 'What are you doing here?!' and after a struggle she managed to get away."

Following the two sexual attacks, the foreign national disappeared from the restaurant. The 29-year-old woman reported the incident to the police and to the Corfu work supervisor.

See the report on Star News here. The Corfu story starts at 26:30.