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24 Apr 2024 / 11:26
Allegation of rape from Australian woman

CORFU. Police are conducting an investigation.

17 May 2023 / 14:34
British tourist reports being raped in North Corfu

CORFU. The woman reported that she was raped by a hotel employee.

03 Mar 2023 / 18:15
Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis announces special Committee to investigate Tempi train crash

ATHENS. The chairman and members of the special Committee that will investigate the Tempi rail accident were announced on Friday afternoon.

17 May 2022 / 10:17
British tourist in Corfu reports being raped

CORFU. A British woman holidaying in North Corfu has reported that she was raped by a 48-year-old Corfu man.

19 Jul 2021 / 12:56
Young man reports he was raped by 45-year-old man

CORFU. A 22-year-old man appeared at Achillion Police Station on Sunday night and reported that he had been raped by a 45-year-old Corfu man.

15 Jul 2021 / 16:36
20-year sentence for "Beast of Kavos"

IGOUMENITSA. The trial of the “Beast of Kavos” from Corfu, as he is called by the foreign media,for the rape case from May 2020 took place at the Court of Thesprotia.

26 Jun 2021 / 10:07
Corfu man, 38, arrested for rape of minor - his details to be made public by court order

CORFU. A 38-year-old man was arrested in Corfu for the serial rape of a child not yet 12.

04 Jun 2020 / 17:21
Lawyer of 47-year-old says it wasn΄t rape - it was an extramarital relationship

CORFU. Dimitris Aspiotis appeared before the Prosecutor today, accused of rape.

24 May 2020 / 09:04
΄Beast of Kavos΄ pulled out of ravine and taken to Corfu Hospital

CORFU. After a difficult operation taking nearly 4 hours the 47-year-old man wanted by the police was pulled out of the ravine where he had been trapped.

23 May 2020 / 20:24
47-year-old wanted man at bottom of ravine - Fire Service operation in progress to pull him out

CORFU. The wanted man Dimitris Aspiotis has been found at the bottom of a deep ravine in Gremna, Ai Gordis, Paleohori.

23 May 2020 / 19:12
Man, 47, who was released from prison and then again accused of rape has been caught

CORFU. After a 2-week manhunt with the police using all means at their disposal, 47-year-old Dimitris Aspiotis has finally been caught.

11 May 2020 / 13:32
Manhunt for 47-year-old continues

CORFU. Lefkimmi police are still searching for the 47-year-old man 3 days after a young woman accused him of raping her.

10 May 2020 / 09:29
Manhunt continues for the 47-year-old - Hellenic Police Headquarters being kept updated

CORFU. Strong British interest has put even more pressure on the investigation into the incident in Lefkimmi. The woman who reported the rape has been found to have bodily injuries.

20 Oct 2019 / 07:03
Man, 50, arrested for attempted rape in Corfu

CORFU. A 50-year-old man was arrested following an accusation by a 19-year-old woman.

02 Sep 2019 / 13:15
"A colleague tried to rape me and I was fired"

ATHENS. A woman who was working as a server for the summer season was fired after "daring" to report an attempted rape to the police!

20 Aug 2019 / 07:09
Man convicted of rape in Corfu set free 43 years early

CORFU. The story was prominent in the British tabloids - victims were British tourists of all ages in Kavos. His release is said to be due to a new law that has been passed.

19 Aug 2019 / 14:35
32-year-old accused of seducing and raping a minor remanded in custody

CORFU. The 32-year-old foreign national appeared before the magistrate this morning.

16 Aug 2019 / 12:10
Arrested man charged with seduction, rape and illegal stay

CORFU. Charges of seduction and rape of a minor and illegal residence in Greece have been brought against the man.