Capodistrias Museum events for International Museum Day

Capodistrias Museum events for International Museum Day

CORFU. Free admission, guided tours and environmental activities.

Μαΐου / 2022

The Capodistrias Museum and Centre for Capodistrias Studies is celebrating International Museum Day with free admission (10:00-16:00), environmental activities for junior high school pupils in collaboration with Corfu Butterfly Conservation (10:00-12:00) and specially designed guided tours of permanent and temporary Capodistrias exhibitions (15:00).

ICOM (International Council of Museums) organises the International Museum Day every year on 18 May. This year the theme is "The Power of Museums".

This year's theme has been chosen by ICOM in order to demonstrate the power of museums to bring about positive change in their communities - achieving sustainability, innovating on digitalisation and accessibility and community building through education.

Recognising the Power of Museums to present the past and simultaneously open new horizons for the foundation of a better future, from this year's International Museum Day the Capodistrias Museum is initiating a series of activities and collaborations for environmental protection and sustainability.