Work begins on new automated system at Liston car park

Work begins on new automated system at Liston car park

CORFU. The car park will remain open - the installation work will be completed in stages with some spaces being closed off at a time.

Απριλίου / 2022

The contractor began work today on the installation of the new electronically-controlled parking system at Liston car park. Following the granting of a licence and the new markings, the second phase is now underway before the work is completed.

As the work proceeds, sections will be closed off at a time in order to install the equipment, with a reduced number of spaces being available. The first section to be closed off is the eastern side between the kiosk and the horse and carriages.

The municipal car park will have a system with time-based charges - the amount to be decided by the responsible Municipality department. The change, however, has provoked a reaction from old town residents, who have a huge problem in finding parking space close to their homes.

"The new system will be able to monitor occupancy in real time and the electronic sign at the entrance will be updated to show the number of available spaces," Deputy Mayor for Technical Works Nikos Kalogeros told Enimerosi. "It will also indicate the number of special needs spaces available." He added that there will be parking regulations and employees will check that the parking spaces are being used correctly.

According to Mr. Kalogeros, the new system will be fully operational from 18 May.