Renovated Liston car park reopens

Renovated Liston car park reopens

CORFU. As reported by Enimerosi, the car park in the Lower Square reopened on Lazarus Saturday.

Απριλίου / 2022

New markings have been painted and the technology required by law in order to receive an operational licence from the Ionian Islands Regional Transport Department has been installed.

The local authority has posted photos and a video taken by drone showing the renovated car park. With the new markings, the number of available parking spaces has been reduced to around 200.

The matter of parking for Old Town residents, however, remains unresolved.

In his post on social media, Deputy Mayor for Technical Works Nikos Kalogeros asked operational staff and users to observe the new guidelines and regulations.

Automated system ready in mid-May

The automated system will now be installed, with electronically-operated bars at all entrances and exits and automated pay-points. While this work is being carried out, the car park will not close again - the installation work will be completed in stages with some spaces being closed off at a time.

Nikos Kalogeros told Enimerosi that the work has been contracted out, the equipment has been delivered and it is expected that the system will come into operation by 18 May.

The new system will, however, in no way solve the problem of the serious lack of parking spaces in Corfu Town - it will just return to the previous unsatisfactory situation which was made even worse by the closure of the car parks next to the open-air market (New Fortress) and in Spilia (Old Port).

At the moment, new space at Pangrataika ('Lirikou' plot of land) is in the process of being put out to tender once again.