August international arrivals in Corfu at same level as 2019!

August international arrivals in Corfu at same level as 2019!

CORFU. The increase in tourist arrivals despite the pandemic has led to numbers that are the same as those for August 2019 - the year considered to be the best in the history of Greek tourism.

Aυγούστου / 2021

Nevertheless, it needs to be borne in mind that the season started late this year and losses still need to be covered.

"There were 2,050 commercial international flights in August this year,"said the President of the Corfu Civil Aviation Authority Employees Union Dimitris Roussos. "At a rough but conservative estimate this means approximately 310,000 - 320,000 visitors from abroad. This is the same level as August 2019, when there were 320,000 foreign tourists, more than our initial expectations."

According to information provided, in the second half of August there was a slight increase in the number of arrivals from the UK compared to the first half and there was a total of 486 flights for the month with approximately 75,000 passengers - in August 2019 there were approximately 110,000.

The difference this year was in the number of arrivals from Germany, who remained top of the list until travel from the UK opened up.

The number of arrivals from Germany in August this year was higher than in the same month in 2019. There were 383 flights this year with approximately 57,000 - 60,000 passengers compared to 45,000 in August 2019.

The top 10 in the list of international flight arrivals are as follows:

UK - 486
Germany - 383
Italy - 223
France - 186
Poland - 142
Netherlands - 73
Czech Republic - 67
Austria - 66
Belgium - 55
Switzerland - 53

Over 50% of the flights were from 4 low-cost airlines - Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair and Volotea.