Just 200 vaccinated in Corfu

Just 200 vaccinated in Corfu

CORFU. Vaccinations for private doctors and not all specialists begin next week.

Ιανουαρίου / 2021

Are there enough vaccines? Next week vaccination will begin for private doctors and some specialists. All the vaccines that have arrived up to now have been used mainly for working in the public health system, the hospital and health centres and so there are not enough at this point to cover all the private doctors.

Many are saying that the rate of vaccination is too slow despite the official assurances and that it will take time to achieve the immunity in the general community that is being sought.

There is a small issue with the vaccine containers - theoretically there are six doses in each small bottle but some remains in the syringe meaning that in practice there are five and a half. This reduces the number of doses and when talking about millions this creates a significant difference.

From 28 December to 14 January 70,698 people were innoculated and 200 in Corfu.