New feeding points for stray animals

New feeding points for stray animals

CORFU. There are now over 25 feeding points where stray animals can eat on a daily basis.

Δεκεμβρίου / 2020

Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality is expanding its programme to ensure the health, well-being and safety of stray animals by increasing the number of feeding points at key spots in Corfu Town, the suburbs and other districts.

There already exists an extensive network with animal-lovers and district representatives with ongoing updates to ensure that needs are covered.

There are now over 25 feeding points where stray animals can eat on a daily basis and, for the first time, this now includes feeding points for stray cats.

The new feeding points are as follows:

- Two feeding spots for cats next to the Old Fortress entrance at Kontra Fossa in collaboration with the Fishing Society.
- At Villa Petsali next to the Phoenix Theatre (cats)
- In Kanoni in the square in front of Vlacherna Church (cats).
- In Potamos behind the Potamos Protection Society building (cats).
- At the public beach in Alykes (cats).
- A feeding spot for dogs in Spartylas following a request from the local council.
- A feeding spot will also be set up at the entrance to the 1st Cemetery in Garitsa in the next few days.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture and Primary Produce Chrysoula Tombrou thanked all the animal-lovers for their help and cooperation. She added that the Municipal stray animal programme continues to give priority to veterinary care including sterilisation, deworming, vaccination and placing microchips.

Ms. Tombrou said that over 200 stray dogs have been sterilised and adopted and work is continuing to improve protection and prevention of animal abuse.